Feedback V oltage 1. Feedback Line V oltage Regulation 2. The diode current wa vef orm in Figure 4 is discontinuous. Current decayng linearly to zero in 1?

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Malara Switch Curr e nt Lim it. Input Inductor Current, 0. Minimum Duty Cycle 0. T ie to ground plane. Major Ratings and Characteristics. Load Cur rent A. This product has been designed and qualified for Industrial Level. T ie to an external resistive divider to set the output volt. T ransient headroom requirement further reduces the datashwet. Shutdown P in bq e nt. The po wer switch current in the SC is.

Collector of the internal power transistor. Each device has 2 rows for identification. Assuming that the voltage of a nearly discharged Li-ion cell. Bypassed with capacitor close to the pin. Switching Fre que ncy. Q 2 turns on and the Zener diode Z 1 loosely regulat es the. Frequency limited by T J max. Assume that an ext ernal resistor is placed between. In a battery -operat ed system if C 4 is optimized f or.

The SC will try. The duty cycle D of a boost con ver ter in continuous-conduc. F or stable operation, the over. In a boost switching regulator the induct or is connected. The pow er transistor in the SC is turned of f e very. Reverse Voltage — V R V. Load T ransient Response of the Circuit.

Device is WEEE and. Pin Pin Name Pin Functions. The f ollowing ineq ualities must dtasheet. An external resistor and an external. During sof t-star t, C SS is charged b y the dif ference betw een. Square Wave Pulse Duration — t p microsec. The diode current wa vef orm is trapezoidal with pulse width. Impor tant poles and zer os of the overall loop response. T ypical Application Circuit. If the switch current ex ceeds 1. In the inner current loop the EA output.

The output ripple v oltage of a boost regulator is. Dropout is a condition in which the regulat or cannot attain. Eff ici ency vs L oad Current. Switch Current 10bqq 1.

Use ceramic capacitors with stable. Unlik e a buck conv er ter in which. The maximum switching voltage spike at this pin should be limited to 34V. TOP Related.


PDF 10BQ015 Datasheet ( Hoja de datos )



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PDF 10BQ015 Datasheet ( Hoja de datos )


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