Take 10 drops in a glass of water, morning and evening. Take this for a month 2. Varuna Crataeva Nurvala , take 1 capsule mg once a day, use it for a month. Shatavari Asparagus Racemosus.

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Take 10 drops in a glass of water, morning and evening. Take this for a month 2. Varuna Crataeva Nurvala , take 1 capsule mg once a day, use it for a month. Shatavari Asparagus Racemosus. Take one capsule morning evening.

Take Punarnava in its water extract form for a month. Repeat the process for one month and study the results. Visit the individual pages of these herbs given on this website.

You can buy this herb online or any near-by herbal store. Herbal products are available on e-commerce websites. Check for the quality and the authenticity of the product and the seller before you buy. Users post their contact details on that page for the purpose of buying or selling herbs.

That is entirely a user affair. You may visit that page and look for the users selling the needed herb. Moreover you can refer to the common name section of this herb for other names.

This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb. Reply Karthikeyan Tamilnadu 26 Mar My cousin suganya has left kidney enlargement due to muscle block in urinary track and it functioning 7 to 10 percent..

Reply Herbpathy 25 Apr You may take 2 teaspoon of leaf juice of this Herb. Take it for one week. Skip for 4 days, the again try for one week. It will take care of your Kidneys. It is a superb herb for Kidneys. Buy Crataeva Nurvala Varuna tincture from a homeopathy shop. Give him 10 two times a day. Reply Karthikeyan. S Kerala 23 May I am having stones in both the kidneys and also in gall bladder. The largest stone in the kidney measures 8. I have been taking the leaf-juice of Aerva lanata for the last one month, twice a day at 2 tsp.

How long should I take this juice, to get rid of the stones completely? Is this herb useful for gall bladder stones also? Take this for a month. Drink Drumstick soup everyday for a month. For Gall stones, it is hard to say that any herb can remove gall stones, you might have to go for a planned surgery for it.

Before, an emergency situation arises, it is better that you consult your doctor regarding the surgery. Choice is yours.


Aerva lanata

Abstract This study aimed to determine the phytochemical components, microbial inhibitory effectiveness and antioxidant properties of Aerva lanata plant extracts. The whole plant showed various medicinal applications in folklore and traditional medicine in various parts of the world. The organic extracts such as ethanol, ethyl acetate, chloroform, acetone, water and methanol were subjected for various phytochemical analysis and confirmed for the existence of flavonoids, glycosides, terpenoids and alkaloid containing components. Alternatively, the extracts were performed for the antibacterial activities against the microbial pathogens and antioxidant properties. Results indicated that, the solvent extracts showed prominent activity against the tested strains. The plant extract was highly effective against E.


8 Top Medicianl Uses of Aerva Lanta | Polpala (Cherula | Sirupeelai)

Australasia : Queensland [1] Uses The plant is said to be diuretic and demulcent. Its diuretic action is said to be very effective in the treatment of urethral discharges and gonorrhoea and is of value in cases of lithiasis and as an anthelmintic. A trace of alkaloid has been detected. Food The whole plant, especially the leaves, is edible. The leaves are put into soup or eaten as a spinach or as a vegetable.


Aerva Lanata Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients



Ouret lanata


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