He is not fond of waste on any level and is not a planet that allows us to cheat, cajole, sidestep, or avoid what we must do in order to be correct in our relationships with others as well as with ourselves. This is one reason why Saturn is said to be exalted in the sign of balance, Libra. Yes, Saturn is the Lord of Karma, but much of karma is good. Saturn stands at the Gates of Initiation, ready to test anyone who seeks to obtain an advanced level of consciousness.

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I will deal with the first of these now while the second and third of these celestial events, I will describe within the chronological sequence of their happening. It remains here until July 1st when it re-enters Capricorn where it stays until December 17th of this year. Please note that Saturn will turn retrograde at As for now, we can see that Saturn will strongly occupy just the first two degrees of the Water Bearer.

This means that the following degrees of the zodiac will be highly affected, and should they fall in your horoscope, this transit of Saturn will be quite important to you: 0 to 2 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio challenging effects of limitations and structures ; Gemini and Libra assisting and helpful effects of other people and social groups ; Aquarius variable effects depending on other circumstances in the natal map.

Basically, Saturn in Aquarius is concerned with social order and thus the authority and administration of power within a group or organization. It therefore is very much involved with the nature of political parties and common sets of beliefs that serve to structure the ordering of events within groups of individuals or groups of groups.

It is quite obvious where such social ordering will have is most effects over the next few months: the organization of the two major political parties behind their chosen candidates for President of the USA, and the international organization of increased social efforts and resources in order to resolve well certainly better deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

Both of these issues will involve the increased structuring of people on all levels from the grassroots all the way to the inner core of both party HQs. March Sun enters Aries at This will be strongly set into motion between March when Mars conjoins Jupiter and Pluto, strongly stimulating the three into action.

Given the temperament of materialistic Plutocrats, this triple conjunction is heavy and dark. They actually take terrestrial power for personal gain and the survival of the personal ego seriously! I know that sounds ludicrous but it is nonetheless true. Om Mani Padme Hum. But take heart as if I were to apply the effects of this triple dose of Capricorn to the lives of the more enlightened among us and especially if you were to have degrees of Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Scorpio, or Pisces strong in your natal map, this planetary combination can present many gifts and blessings.

Among this list would be the opportunity to teach and learn a very high quality of knowledge that will benefit your own life and the lives of others with whom you come into contact. This triple conjunction may also indicate a very good opportunity for material and career advancement. Much nicer! In the case of this combination of planets, the lucky ones among us just may have the resources to purchase an entire ice cream shop! Actually this threesome is usually excellent for finances, but when in Capricorn, this is especially from sources into which one has already invested a lot of time and energy.

Capricorn does not rule over-night successes after all. I hope your future during these days will be equally as delicious! March April 1: Mars enters Aquarius on the 30th and conjoins Saturn at Aquarius on the 31st and 1st.

It is always important when delineating a chart to note where the rulers of signs are placed. On the other hand, this same combination can be excellent for launching those social programs that are humanitarian in nature such as those that will be required to support collective efforts to curb or cure! Venus enters Gemini where she will stay for a relatively long time as she does not enter Cancer until August 7th!

At her usual orbital speed, Venus changes signs about every 24 days, so her presence in a single sign Gemini in this case for some four months is significant. And when in the fixed signs, they obey even less rules even more firmly!

My sense is that these are three days when social upheavals are quite possible. This combination does not make for social pleasantries nor does it for the expression of patience with others. Mercury likes being in the sign of the Celestial Ram as it gives insightfulness and the quick understanding of events. When also in positive aspect to Saturn, his speed is tempered with good judgement.

These are not the most auspicious days for making investments in my view. These effects would act the strongest on the 14th when the Moon in Capricorn joins this combination. As these four days consist of the period surrounding the deadline for the filing of USA taxes April 15th , this brief period I believe, will be more financial active—and chaotic—than usual.

In general, these are two very good days for socializing and for communications. I do hope by then what with the USA elections over, we will have something important for which to be thankful! During the current astrological month of the Fish there are two very powerful, contrasting forces alive in the heavens. Please note that the Moon will also be in in Pisces on February , and in Capricorn on February , as well as on March , thus emphasizing the effects of these respective signs.

These positions are explained in the Detailed Happenings segments below. This is basically a conflict of emphases between the real and the ideal you need to figure out which is which because that is the nature of this conflict! When acting at their best, they bestow aspiration and insight into spiritual goals. It is Jupiter after all, so foreign currency is well accepted! But Neptune in Pisces is far from being a realistic influence, unless the reality of the mystical is true for you!

And if so, then Capricorn demands that you make your mysticism a realistic Path. So during these two days, take the practical road whenever possible. But then the Moon changes signs into the much more visionary sign of Aquarius from GMT the afternoon of the 20th to early morning of the 23rd, bringing the collective energies back towards the more idealistic.

I think you see my point. It is a thematic seesaw that covers the entire month of the Fish this year. That goes without saying! But then you have Sun in Pisces sextile Uranus in earthy Taurus, with Jupiter in earthy Capricorn sextile to Neptune holding his spear gun in Pisces, etc.

Bottom line to me: there will be a lot of warring ideologies during these days and people lost in the illusions of these battlefronts! AND on top of it all, sinuating itself like the microbiological serpent that it is, a plague circulating around the planet, making thousands ill and vicariously killing off a constantly rising number of its victims until we pray, it is over and gone.

Nice picture, surely making for a calm time in the world! Now more than ever, it is incredibly important for us to pause and meditate and pray if you are so inclined, I am so inclined, on a daily basis—but that is me so that you REMAIN PRESENT in the moment and have an increased ability to SEE from the center of your Self and not be out to sea in your solar plexus flights into astral land.

Stay home, bake a cake and eat pistachio ice cream well, perhaps I am being very subjective here, have any flavor ice cream you like! Let me discuss a bit about the Lunar Nodes with you. The Nodes indicate the connection we have to the collective consciousness, primarily from the emotional level as that is the primary focus of expression of human as well as animal consciousness.

It is thus until some form of spiritual awakening takes place for some, and then the relatively few but growing number of awakened ones begin to function from the higher mind and the heart and serve. So very briefly, the Nodes speak about the dynamics of collective emotional response to life and the ways we may help move this consciousness along or be helped by it Node Node , or the ways we are swept into certain old patterns of emotional response South Node. During this period of days, the Nodes will be very active for us all, but those of you with planets or important natal positions at 5 to 7 degrees of Aries, Libra, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn, or Pisces will be strongly affected, giving you a great opportunity for observation and personal growth.

This square asks you to be wise with your money, especially in partnership and investing. I should not overly generalize in such important matters, but I am sure those of you whose charts are sensitive to the degrees I have just mentioned are already familiar with the importance of definition, form, structure, and process during these recent few months.

These two days will emphasize such lessons and see what still needs to be learned or what has already been successfully learned by you from this conjunction. As a person with natal Venus in Pisces square Saturn in Gemini , I can assure you that this one was really hard to learn.

It involved learning how to be fair with others and being treated fairly by others both on economic and emotional relationship levels. There are some definite restrictions on your life in the areas indicated by the natal house positions where these planets fall and affect other positions in your chart. As you can see, this leaves us open to many conditions and varieties of expression depending on your chart. I just hope that my use of the astrological keywords in these two paragraphs gives you some hints or even, direct meanings about this transit.

March 4: Mercury retrogrades back into Aquarius until March 16th. March 5: Venus enters Taurus where she is very happy. March 9: Full Moon at I am purposefully linking these two sets of dates because of the intimacy and importance of the Sun-Moon-Neptune contacts. What with the added intensity of emotion that always happens at the Full Moon multiplied many times by the presence of Neptune in Pisces, I do not see these days as particularly peaceful and kind….

There is an army of enlightened hearts in human form at work around the planet! But I see the efforts of this compassionate group in action as a result of some very intense human need during this period. March Mercury goes direct at March The sky seems calmer.

In themselves, these aspects are not particularly strong unless they touch some important position in your natal chart within a degree or two. Saturn returns to Capricorn on July 1st where it remains until December 14th. It has been a very harsh few months recently! I do hope that we have taken advantage of the primary benefit of this visit of Saturn and Pluto and that is to restructure our lives so that waste of energy has become minimal and priorities have become well defined.

There is a long station of Saturn that begins on February 3rd at It once again reaches 1. So this means that for 11 months Saturn will be activating only 7 degrees in the zodiac 25 Capricorn to 2 Aquarius. You should take especial notice if any of these degrees are strong in your horoscope as well as 25 Cancer to 2 Leo and any points square or trine to these degrees.

There is also a long station of Jupiter beginning on February 18th at Jupiter then returns to This means that between the middle of February and the beginning of December of this year, Jupiter covers just 10 degrees of the zodiac, strongly affection 17 to 27 of Capricorn, Cancer and those degrees of any other signs that square or trine these points, i.

Taurus trine, Libra square, etc. Well this is no fun as it is likely to invoke a lot of social unrest and public demonstrations against authority.

People with 1 to 3 degrees of the fixed signs prominent in their charts will experience a definite degree of restlessness depending on where such degrees and planets fall in the natal map. January New Moon at 4. How very friendly! February 1: Saturn and Pluto conjunction. This is about the time when Saturn and Pluto begin to separate and not a moment too soon!

He will retrograde back to 25 Capricorn see my comments above , but will never get to the exact conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn again for hundreds of years. See you there!


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