The company first started operating in as a subsidiary of Tri-Chem, spearheaded by Tri-Chem executive Richard Heath with his wife Jinger Heath leading its direct sales operations. The couple eventually bought off the company from Tri-Chem and was relaunched under their leadership in under a direct sales format. At present, BeautiControl is one of the most successful cosmetics companies in the direct sales industry and is now a subsidiary of the popular Tupperware Brands Corporation. The company has a sales force of over , independent consultants selling BeautiControl products to women in the aforementioned countries.

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This provides you with the skincare for facials, lip apeel, instant manicure, samples of the night creme and eye creme. You also get business supplies such as, brochures, spatulas for passing out product to consumers, silver spa bag, Spa DVD and skin sensors.

There are a couple ways to work that first order. You will also receive a free Regeneration Tight, Firm, and Fill set. The company offers a product seminar and if you attend, you receive the microderm abrasion set for free. At this point, you have the materials you need to complete the in-home spa sessions that the company promotes and access to the consultant website. There are many optional trainings such as; conference calls a week on how to book spas, complete spas, etc.

I offer my new team members training through my spa sessions and online tools. It all depends on your up-line. You will want to inquire about the director because they can be a source of excellent training as well. Feel free to e-mail me regarding any of this information. I went to the website and saw no information regarding this information.

I understand that passion generates profit. Even when I am passionate about a product I like to know how I am compensated for my efforts. Rachel March 6, at pm Hi Trina, any consultant would be happy to share the compensation plan with you.

I make a point to be sure that interested parties have all of the information before I ask them to join my team. And the amounts increase as you go further up. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Melissa Mckinnon November 26, at pm Two things in the review that are slightly more opinion than fact. As a director I take product back…even color choices, because, I want my clients to feel totally safe buying from me.

I have had an amazing experience with Beauticontrol, I have grown personally whileaking money and empowering other women to do the same. I love this company and the life it offers me! Would you be so good as to email us a copy of the comp plan so we can be accurate?

After 20 years I still believe that! BC allows me to work around my life…not work my life around my business! I welcome ANY questions someone thinking about BC has including our compensation plan, which by the way is one of the best in the direct sales industry, our consultant discounts.





BeautiControl – MLM company Facts, News and Reviews


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