The process of acquiring a new skill or learning a new piece of information creates yet more connections in your brain, as well as strengthening the ones you already have. Your brain has an immense capacity to regenerate cells and form new pathways. Over the years on Countdown, we have had many letters from people who have suffered the very worst damage to their brains by having to have a tumour removed. They are often advised to watch Countdown for a month before the operation so they can register their average results, say six or seven-letter words, and build new pathways in their brain. After the operation when many millions of cells have been taken away, they watch Countdown again. Immediately after, their average score will have fallen to two, three or four-letter words.

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After formal education and work-related training International Sudoku expert and bestselling author Carol Vorderman brings her proven and addictive mental workouts to anyone seeking a sharper memory and better concentration skills.

After formal education and work-related training the brain is left to get on with it and is largely ignored. This book can change all that. Does your mind wander? Do you often lose focus and feel less productive in the afternoon?

Do you struggle with simple math? Or walk into a room having forgotten what you meant to do there? Like the rest of your body, your brain responds to a good workout. Yet few of us take time for mental gymnastics. Your brain is a stupendous living thing, able to repair itself and to create new pathways of thought and memory.

The more you stimulate and exercise your mind by trying out different ways of thinking, the better your powers of concentration, memory, creativity and overall mental agility will become, and remain, regardless of age and natural abilities. Your brain needs looking after. Carol Vorderman has degree in Engineering from Cambridge and she has been honored with an MBE for her outstanding contributions to British society. SUPER BRAIN is a brain fitness handbook that makes memory training fun, and it incorporates exercises and lifestyle tips, foods, strategies, and habits that will best support a strong, healthy mind.


Super Brain



Carol Vorderman's Super Brain Workout


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