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Lesson 4 About the Author Bruce N. Cameron, J. Professor Cameron has devoted his life to promoting the Gospel and defending believers. In addition to teaching at an overtly Christian law school, he continues his 44 year practice of law which is limited to the litigation of constitutional rights and religious freedom cases for employees. Click here to learn why I generally do not cite Ellen G. White in the lessons. Looking for old Sabbath School lessons?

Sabbath School lesson study outlines from previous quarters are saved in the Sabbath School lesson archive section. Got questions or comments? Go to our contact form and drop us a note. Contribute SabbathSchoolLessons. You may cancel your monthly contribution at any time. Get these Sabbath School lessons by e-mail! Every question starts with reading a text. Not every church or every study group has this kind of focus. I recall visiting a Sabbath School class where everyone sat in a circle.

They all had a Bible, that was closed, and they all had their study guides opened. The class members answered from their memory of what they thought had been written, and often it was not a statement from the Bible.

When I read a Bible text and suggested it applied to the discussion, the teacher seemed pained to have to open his Bible and find the text!

Tradition and Culture Read Mark Who thinks the disciples are following the best practice? Notice that "some" of the disciples failed to wash their hands. Read Mark How would you have answered this question?

Without a complete understanding of the context, I would say to the disciples, "Hey guys, you should wash your hands. Do you think that the Jewish leaders primary concern was hygiene? My understanding from reviewing some commentaries is that the Jewish leaders were looking to find fault with Jesus, and they were speaking of something other than general hand-washing. Jesus is speaking about moral issues. That suggests to me that the Jewish leaders were not speaking about normal sanitation issues.

Read Isaiah They say things they do not really mean. They make up their own rules. What does that teach us about the real motive behind the criticism of the Jewish leaders? This was not a commonsense issue about sanitary practices. The "hearts" of these leaders were far from a true concern about God. Instead, they were concerned about human tradition.

What "human traditions" do you see in your local worship? What traditions have you worked through in your life? I was in law school during the days of a very strong counter-cultural movement.

Despite that, and the fact that I was poor, I wore a necktie every day. When I became a lawyer, I wore a suit to the office long after the other lawyers had stopped wearing one. I wore a suit to church because I thought that if I had to honor a judge by wearing a suit to court, I should honor God by wearing a suit to church. One day someone suggested to me that this practice might discourage others, who did not own a suit, from attending church.

My working culture was different than that of others. Is wearing a necktie or a suit to church a "human tradition? Instead, I recall that some early Christians in the United States thought that wearing a tie was an improper display. In my current church, leaders wear shorts up front. What do you say about that? What does the text suggest that this is? The text suggests, and a commentary confirms, that an individual could declare an asset "Corban" and that would ban it from other use.

Thus, you could ban your parents from benefitting from this asset. Jesus tells us that this conflicts with the Bible. In our previous discussion about tradition and what we wear to church, does tradition conflict with the Bible? Does this tend to support traditions that do not conflict with the Bible? Common Sense Read Luke If you were advising this manager, what would you suggest for his future?

What would you do if you were this manager? Read Luke Is that what you would have suggested? If not, why not? It is dishonest. It is a betrayal of the master. This manager helps himself at the direct expense of his master.

Is this a misprint? How can this be? On what specific point did the master commend the manager? He "acted shrewdly. He used common sense. What do you think is meant by "worldly wealth? What are we told to do with our worldly wealth? To use it to "gain friends. I think it means gain friends for the Kingdom of God. That is consistent with the reward of being "welcomed into eternal dwellings. Given the statements in verses that cannot be the case.

What, then, is this teaching us about being trusted servants of God? To be shrewd! To use common sense just like a "person of the world" Luke would use practical, common sense. Consider a more pointed question: Are we being dishonest as servants of God if we do not use common sense?

Are we trusted servants if we use common sense? How does this help us understand how we should interpret the Bible? A slightly different understanding of this parable is that we should use our money assets with a view to our future in heaven. The Holy Spirit Read Acts Is circumcision a "custom" or "tradition? What do these texts suggest about whether this is only a tradition? Read Acts How would you characterize the decision to be made by the early church? Were they attempting to interpret the Scriptures?

Are the leaders of the early church a good guide for us today on the issue of Scriptural interpretation? What role does Peter argue that the Holy Spirit plays in understanding Scripture?

Read Acts and Acts How did the church leaders treat the working of the Holy Spirit in interpreting what seemed to be a very plain contrary statement in the Old Testament? This is a very sensitive area. We do not want to accept prophets who contradict the Bible based on a claim of the leading of the Spirit. On the other hand, if the Holy Spirit is acting on many fronts to promote a different understanding of the Bible, we need to pay attention.

Friend, will you learn to distinguish between custom, tradition and culture, and the teaching of the Bible? Will you use common sense in applying the teachings of the Bible to your life? Why not commit to these things right now? Suggested answers are found within parentheses. The lesson assumes the teacher uses a blackboard or some other visual aid.


Sabbath School Lesson Young Adults

I listened to those students of Andrews university discussing the aabbath and it was wonderful. May our good Lord sorround us with His power to complete the task of preparing the harvest. Sabbath School Lesson Quarterly Book Could you please copy a couple of the non-working sabbqth to us so that we can check them out. Sabbathschool Net has a Facebook page and you can do all the usual sharing from there. Becourse not all arrive in church early and listen the lesson. March 2 — 8, Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.



Unfortunately, in this post-modern age, the Bible has been largely reinterpreted through the lens of a philosophy that questions both its inspiration and its authority. And the result is that, for many, the Bible has become largely irrelevant in an age of Darwinian thinking and modern philosophy. However, we completely reject that position. Instead, in the New Testament, we can see the inspired way to view the entire Scripture by studying how Jesus and the apostles understood the Old Testament, the only Bible that they had at that time.

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