At the same time, the VX also has fully accessible manual controls, for when you want to retain creative control. This mix of features, along with a strong performance, makes the new Sony digital camcorder impressive. The lower price and improved features make the VX a relative bargain, although it could not really be called inexpensive. Advanced users will be pleased with its image quality, its advanced features and manual controls. While newbies might find it fairly easy to use, this is a lot of camera. The new Sony Digital Camcorder has professional style and substance Although you can set the VX to fully automatic, you can also manage everything yourself with controls that are, for the most part, well planned, such as big knurled zoom and focus rings on the lens barrel.

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We specialize in this model camcorder and our Technicians are experts in this particular model. Our efficient, prompt service comes from factory authorized training. Toll free 1. The Minor Overhaul is usually performed when tape running time meter reaches - hours as called out in the Preventive Maintenance section of the technical manual for the specific model.

We will inspect and replace, as necessary, parts such as: Sony DCR-VX Common Problems Video and audio dropout, pixilation on right or left side on the screen, video break up on playback Back focus problems, soft focus, It does not focus at all.

Zoom problems, does not focus at all, zooming on its own, zoom rocker broken No video or audio on playback mode. The video head needs to be cleaned or replaced, error code C Computer will not recognizing the Camcorder, DV port broken or firewire control chip-set needs to be replaced. The tape is jammed in the camcorder, The tape is not ejecting.

The camcorder is eating the tape. Black image, distortion, color problems, one of the colors is missing No power, camcorder is dead, It does not turn on with Ac power, power switch is faulty or flaky. Dew sensor faulty, condensation error, C No audio. This includes inspection and replacement as necessary of all common wear items in addition to the Complete Drum Assembly and other electro-mechanical parts such as Motor Assemblies.


Sony DCR-VX2000 Service Manual



DCR-VX2000, DCR-VX2000E, LCH-VX2000 - Sony Movie Service Manual (repair manual)


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