Section two. Page Durga is used here as a word for difficult problems in almost all the stanzas. May the all knowing one destroy what is unfriendly to us. May he , the divine fire that leads all , protect us by taking us across all perils even as a captain takes the boat across the sea. May he also saves us from all wrongs. O though goddess skilled in saving , thou takest us across difficulties excellently well.

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O Agni! You are adored in sacrifices adhvareshhu. You multiply pratnoshhi our joy. You abide satsi in the form of sacrifices both ancient sanaach and modern navyash. Bring us good fortune and grant us all-sided aayajasva and perfect environment saubhagam. O Lord,You are unsullied and not connected ayujo with sin and sorrow. You pervade nishhiktaM - flooding everything.

We worship You. Bless jushhTaM us with good fortune gobhir - cattle. O Indra! May we serve anusancharema-follow Thee tava without a break. Indra is the symbol for mastery over the senses. Vishnu-tattva is simply all-pervasiveness expressed by the Divine. Vishnu can refer to the all-pervasiveness of Mother Durga In fact,it is everywhere abhi.

May He bless us with happiness in this world iha loka May He delight maadayantaam in us. OM kaatyaayanaaya vidmahe kanyakumari dhiimahi tanno durgiH f prachodayaat May we know vidmahe the Primordial Energy - Kaatyaayani.

For that,may we meditate dhiimahi upon the radiant Goddess kanya-kumaari May Durga fertilise prachodayaat our intellect such that our intelligence blossoms into wisdom and we get illumined. The significance of Fire Consciousness is Power. It is the subtlest energy. All energy is fire or force. Meditation,when it is deep and profound generates tremendous fire. Even deep thought generates tremendous fire in the body.

Every exercise of thought,every type of energisation of consciousness,generates fire. Fire is one of many forms - both visible and invisible. The fire generated by intensive thought is not visible,but you can feel it. The forehead of the person is very warm,the face becomes bright.

Who gave the brightness to the face? Fire - Baba Fire is the basis of all brightness. The significant Sanskrit word is Tejas. In an effulgent face,the eyes are luminous. From where does this luminosity emergy? From fire. Fire is the basis of that luminosity - Baba Fire Agni is the charioteer for a sacrifice as He brings the Gods,in his chariot to the place of sacrifice.

Offerings are made to the Gods in the ceremonial flames. Agni conveys the offerings to the Gods to whom they are dedicated. Agni is the closest friend of man,for without fire he can scarce hold on to life. The principle of Fire is at the basis of human activity - both inside the body and outside - Baba The supreme shakti manifests herself in the form of Durga,Lakshmi and Sarasvati. Durga grants us energy - physical,mental and spiritual.

Lakshmi bestows on us wealth of many kinds - not just money but intellectual wealth,the wealth of character and other forms of wealth.

Even health is a kind of wealth. She grants untold riches to us. And Sarasvati bestows on us intelligence,the capacity for intellectual enquiry and the power of discrimination.

The Navaraatri festival is celebrated in order to proclaim to the world the power of the Goddesses. She provides us energy,wealth and intelligence. She constantly desires our advancement in life. Lalitha Vaithilingam,Ms.


Durga Suktam - In sanskrit with meaning

O Agni! You are adored in sacrifices adhvareshhu. You multiply pratnoshhi our joy. You abide satsi in the form of sacrifices both ancient sanaach and modern navyash.


Durga Suktam

Durga Suktam Importance and meaning Chanting the Durga Suktam will lead us to all mixed and charged up experiences and emotions. Reciting this Durga Suktam repeatedly help us accomplish the immense power and grace of the Supreme Shakti. Agni,the Lord of Fire , symbolises the power of action. Goddess Durga symbolizes dynamism,energy,diligence and the power of purposeful action kriya shakti. The verses address Agni,which are hinted to being addressed to Mother Durga as well. Durga Suktam is an important part of Sri Vidya mantra.

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