Como sentencia el autor "Somos prisioneros de las emociones que emanan de nuestros contextos. Casassus, p. Muchas veces sentimos que las emociones nos ocurren independientemente de nosotros mismos. Pareciera que no somos responsables de las emociones que nos ocurren, como tampoco nos sentimos responsables de las acciones que realizamos fruto de esas emociones. Si no podemos percibir nuestras emociones tampoco podremos hacerlos con las de otros. El universo donde habitamos, y que nos hace seres sociales nos condiciona y afecta nuestro modo de reaccionar.

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Podemos y debemos aprender a ver las emociones con mayor — aunque siempre insuficiente - claridad. Juan Casassus See More The emotional paradox. Today there is much perplexity at the conduct of people in social events, today by Covid most of which are associated with fear and yesterday related to social outbreak, associated with the expression of rabies.

It is true that we live moments of high emotional intensity, but there is little understanding of what emotions are. A general view is that emotions are reactions to stimuli that occur in context. But this vision has proven to be insufficient. We can and must learn to see emotions with greater - albeit always insufficient - clarity.

In a series of youtubes we will examine the role of emotions in understanding human behavior, proposing a theory of human action, including in it, a theory of violence. We will consider the role of emotions as an instrument of adaptation in a time of ever faster contextual changes. This involves a shift from the vision of emotions as reactions, to another one who considers them as adaptation processes.

We will consider your role in such important issues as perception, cognition, thinking, motivation and learning. Changing the vision of what emotions are, has consequences such as changes in how to approach them, which in turn, leads to a change in understanding of who human beings are. John Casassus Translated.


Juan Casassus:"O clima emocional é essencial para haver aprendizagem"

Las emociones se generan como respuesta a un acontecimiento externo o interno. Cuando hablamos de las acciones emocionales voluntarias nos referimos a los sentimientos LeDoux, Todo esto son respuestas involuntarias, que el sujeto no puede controlar. Las expresiones faciales, el lenguaje no verbal, el tono de voz, volumen, ritmo, movimientos del cuerpo, etc. Esta componente puede intentar disimularse. La componente cognitiva o vivencia subjetiva es lo que a veces se denomina sentimiento.


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