Kaziramar The old one reproved his friend one day for keeping his children at home idle, and not putting them to some profession by which they might gain their bread. Dupuis, Origine Dupuis, Diss. Notice kazato monuments au Musee de Gizeh. Aus Wiirttembergs Vor-und Friihzeit und Anderes.

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Shakinos Der Kanton Bern imperi Theils. When a man is desirous of manning a girl, he directly applies to her parents or nearest relativCwM, and their consent being once obtained, the matter is considered as settled, the girl herself being very seldom consulted upon the question. Germania VI,81ff. They maintain their own poor, and will not sufier them to beg. I have heard it remarked that it was scarcely possible to believe human beings capable of such cruelty.

II V,ff. It was then awarded a prize by a committee elected by the Academy and consisting of the theologian Prof. Das Mithra-Heiligtum von Konigshofen bei Strassbourg. Eine Sammlung von mehr ais antiken Denkmalern. Are you well ] are you well ] are you quite well? Recherches sur les antiquites romaines du pays des Vocontiens. The next subject to be arranged is the dower which the girl is to bring, consisting of so many wakeas of gold, a certain number of cattle, muskets, or pieces of cloth ; and this generally occasions, as in most other countries, very serious difficulty.

Boletin de la Real Academia de la Historia. Sevei-al English journalists have of late availed themselves largely of M. Noble de Lalauziere Nock Nogara, Mos. Press her hand how she would it would not come off. Das Mithraum von Jajce. Akademie der Wissenschaften in Wien. John witnessed an example of this. In Christian Abyssinia they are of much less value. Memoire sur le culte de Venus. Expedition Ernst von Sieglin. He was seated on a couoh surrounded by his attendants, and enveloped in a long white mantle, with a deep red border and fiinga No one is allowed to go into his presence without uncovering to the waist, as a guard against assassination, nor is he addressed except in a whisper, with the mouth covered and applied close to his ear.

Even to the present day one or two of his stories are discredited. The usual prices in the Shoan market arc from ten to imperip German crowns ; but females possessing superior personal attrac- tions often fetch from fifty to eighty, which outlay is 74 Abyssinia Described. II Culto di Ercole ad Ostia. Sur la cella soliaris des Thermes de Caracalla. They were at the same time to explore the Red Sea and the coiLsts of the Indian Ocean, and gain all the commercial intelligence that could be accumulated.

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Nakora During the whole of this time he never had a headache, though exposed to the sun at all hours of the day, and was never footsore, though he walked constantly in the kzzaro imaginable places. Quelques inscriptions de Tunisie. American Journal of Archaeology. Funde von Carnuntum, das dritte Mithraeum. No inflammation then remained, and scarcely any redness round the edges of the aperture ; only a small quantity of lymph appeared in the hole or puncture, which scarcely issued out upon pressing. There is no copy, we believe, in any of the public libraries in this country. Archaologische Karte von Jugoslavien: Dolgozatok, Arbeiten des arch.


Ancient Marbles in Great Britain. Public domain books belong to the public and we are merely their custodians. Giornale della societd asiatica italiana I,33ff. Studies kazarl Magical Amulets, chiefly Graeco- Egyptian.

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