The sixth Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Yoseph Yitzchak Schneersohn, may his merit shield us, was once staying she,tov an eliszer building and learned that on the fifth floor there lived a tailor who professed to be anti-religious. The new year that will begin tonight,is a leap year. How did we manage to survive and reach It will have days instead of the average days that a lunar year generally has. What can we learn from the command to balance out the lunar and solar cycles?

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He regularly leads Chabad-Lubavitch delegations to the White House and played a pivotal role in the relationships formed between Schneerson and U.

Bush , Bill Clinton , George W. Bush , and Barack Obama. The proclamation is signed yearly by the President of the United States of America. At a White House ceremony, Shemtov received the award on behalf of the Rebbe. When the sixth Lubavitcher Rebbe fled Nazi-occupied Warsaw in for the United States, the library was confiscated.

Upon revealing the location of manuscripts at the government-controlled Yiddisher Historic Institute in Warsaw , Shemtov was asked to help assist Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky in pursuing its release.

Through the help of the U. State Department, Shemtov spent three years en route Europe - U. At the end of , the books were placed in the Library of Agudas Chassidei Chabad. Shemtov is credited for erecting the first public Chanukah menorah in the United States. This practice, which started out as a folksy phenomenon generating legal controversy, has since become a part of the public holiday scene in thousands of cities across the globe.

He shared with them the story of Rabbi Arnold Resnicoff , whose kippa , skullcap, had to be discarded after the Beirut barracks bombing , because it was covered in blood after being used to wipe the faces of wounded Marines, and so a Catholic chaplain tore a piece of his camouflage uniform off, to be used as a temporary replacement for the kippa.

The President asked the group about the tradition for Jewish men to cover their heads, and Shemtov replied, "Mr. President, the kippa to us is a sign of reverence. They have six children. Menachem Mendel Shemtov, M. Ever since, Perelman has attended prayers in synagogues, kept Kosher and the Sabbath. Showing the merchant rare praise, the Rebbe has called him "my partner" in charitable activities.

Perelman generously donates to Shemtov and Lubavitch causes.



Rabbi Eliezer and his wife, Rebbetzyn Sarah, had been married for many years without children. They finally merited to be blessed with a son in their old age, and they named him Yisrael. Just before he passed on, Rabbi Eliezer called little Srulick and left him with the following instruction. I want you to know that before you were born, it was made known to me that Hashem will always be with you because you have one of the Innocent Souls of Heaven. And love every Jew dearly. For the next several years he lived with different families, moving from one home to another. They would try and care for him and send him to cheder.


Baal Shem Tov

A Jewish adult male has the obligation to wrap Tefillin on his head and arm every weekday. It will have days instead of the average days that a lunar year generally has. The new eljezer that will begin tonight,is a leap year. The leap year teaches us that it is not enough to have both elements in our lives, we need to blend the qualities of the two, thereby enhancing them both. The sun does so in a constant non-changing manner, whereas the moon does so in an ever-changing rhythm. Our calendar has this occurrence every two-three years; seven times in every nineteen-year cycle, to be exact. Has authored many articles on Judaism that have been published internationally.

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