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Приложение ZA содержит перечень международных и европейских стандартов, эквиваленты которых не указаны в тексте. Параметры сварки, перечисленные в настоящем стандарте, влияют на качество сварного соединения. Для датированных ссылок применяются только указанные редакции. Для недатированных ссылок применяется последнее издание документа включая изменения. ЕН Сварочные материалы. Защитные газы для дуговой сварки и резки ЕН Вольфрамовые электроды для дуговой сварки в защитном инертном газе и плазменной резки и сварки.

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This standard specifies requirements for the content of welding procedure specifications for arc welding processes. The variables listed in this standard are those influencing the quality of the welded joint. For dated references, only the edition cited applies. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document including any amendments applies.

EN , Welding consumables Shielding gases for arc welding and cutting. EN , Tungsten electrodes for inert gas shielded arc welding and for plasma cutting and welding Codification. NOTE For some applications it may be necessary to supplement or reduce the list. Welding procedure specifications cover a certain range of material thickness and also cover a range of parent materials and even welding consumables.

Some manufacturers prefer additionally to prepare work instructions for each specific job as part of detailed production planning. An example of the WPS-format is shown in annex A. A WPS may cover a group of materials. Weld run sequence given on the sketch if essential for the properties of the weld.

Depth and shape. The method and type of backing, backing material and dimensions. For gas backing, gas in accordance with EN Dimensions size. Handling baking, exposure to atmosphere, re-drying, etc. Pulse welding details machine settings, programme selection if applicable. Current range. If the equipment does not permit control of one of either variable, the machine settings shall be specified instead.

The range of application for the WPS shall then be limited to equipment of that particular type. This applies to 4. If pre-heating is not required the lowest work piece temperature prior to welding.

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