As well as Arabella, there are three new students that term; two boys and one girl. Martin seems a pleasant enough chap. Julian is an excellent mimic and very, very clever but he is very untidy, lazy and lackadaisical and Rosemary is a nice girl, but is very timid and weak. Who wants to learn history dates?

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Wraparound dustwrapper from the 1st edition, illustrated by Kenneth Lovell 1st Australian edition published by Angus and Robertson in re-illustrated cover by an uncredited artist. Review by Terry Gustafson A young girl who resembles the original Little Princess steps from a grand chauffeur-driven car. How will Whyteleafe look upon Arabella? She even had a title and made an impact in her own way by attracting devoted slaves however, St.

Will her injection make for a more powerful impact? Right from the start Arabella gets on the wrong side of Elizabeth with her superior and sophisticated veneer. Allen and Mrs. Jenks the cook. She probably makes an impression on Mr. Anyway, Arabella might not be interested in impressing him because she expresses a dislike for males when she hears that boys also attend Whyteleafe School.

Did you say Boys? Rough, ill-mannered creatures — dirty and untidy, with shouting voices! Nasty rough creatures! Males seem to be getting a rather bad press with all this stuff about them being dirty and untidy and rough and ill-mannered. I can add that I think some girls could be described in the way that Arabella and Elizabeth have spoken about males!

Arabella has been instructed a little by Elizabeth as to what she might expect at Whyteleafe. Monitors are trusted and well-liked students who are voted into their positions by the whole school. How could the Naughtiest Girl in the School be a monitor?

It was like saying a cow is a sheep or a circle is a square. This is not a good start, and it looks as if Elizabeth will need to watch herself as well because she can relapse into quite violent tempers occasionally when impulsiveness gets the better of her. The train moves off bound for Whyteleafe and so another school term commences. Apart from Arabella there are three new faces. He has a sort of ventriloquial ability to imitate anything from animals and birds to making weird noises that sound like nothing on earth.

Martin Follett and Rosemary Wing are the other new entrants. Martin is clean and tidy but his eyes are set a little too close together and Rosemary is a shy soul.

Jenny, the talented mimicker, is back for another term as is Richard who is a dreamy boy obsessed with music. Robert is one of her good pals and so is Kathleen but she settles for the highly personable Julian — upon his suggestion. The first School Meeting arrives and Julian agrees with Arabella that they are a waste of time. How is Arabella getting on? The children file into the gym and Elizabeth very proudly sits on the platform up at the front with the other monitors.

The head-boy and girl arrive to preside over the Meeting and it commences. Julian shows his lack of respect for the proceedings by making a noise like a saucepan boiling over.

Everyone has to put any money they have into the Box and most do. John Terry the inveterate gardener stands up and requests extra money for a small wheelbarrow that can be used by the younger ones. Barrows are rather expensive so the new boy Julian offers to make one from any bits and pieces he can find in the shed and this is welcomed by all. During the next few days he works on it and very soon the children who pass by hear the creaking of a wheelbarrow being pushed around.

Finished already? In return for her snobbery and selfishness, the rest of the boys and girls respond in kind. Jenny imitates her and causes much laughter when she, acting as Arabella, says how her family took three cars when they went away on holiday " Surprisingly, Elizabeth is also unaware but no one liked to inform her seeing that Arabella is a friend of the family and all that.

The way to solve the present situation of course is to bring it up at the Meeting and Arabella does. She reports on the way she is being treated but unfortunately her reticence to part with her extra money is brought up as well and Arabella is embarrassed.

She reports this to her monitor who is Elizabeth and a trap is laid. Elizabeth then receives a shock when she discovers evidence that seems to point to the thief as being none other than her close friend — Julian! Arabella also loses money and there is a confrontation between Elizabeth and Julian.

A monitor being sent out of the room is quite serious and none other than the head girl — Rita, passes by and notices her. Very Bad Mark there for Elizabeth. Mark up yet another success for Julian. The Whyteleafe boys and girls need a midnight feast because at least one of these is required during the school year and they happen with regularity in other books written by the author. All this lovely grub is hidden away and will be brought out on the night.

Elizabeth is giving a very bad impression to the Higher-Ups. Things go from bad to worse and when Elizabeth makes a false accusation at the next Meeting, there is a terrible consequence — she is stripped of her authority.

No longer is she a monitor! Always rushing into trouble. What would she do now? A bit of tom-foolery would liven things up and it does. Leslie the science-master who is the target.

The boy who was greedy ended up with turnips, carrots and potatoes in his Xmas stocking because Santa thought he was a pig, and Bad Tempered Bessie who kicked and pinched people when she lost her temper was matched with a boy who gave back exactly what she dished out.

Does this attitude call for him to receive a slight shock of some kind? How about Nasty? Devastatingly, Heart-Breakingly, Appalling?

A lacrosse match is held and Elizabeth plays a very important part in it. Martin Follett, one of the new boys, comes back into the story because he harbours a secret and he makes a confession to his ex-monitor. Elizabeth takes on a little research involving Martin and his problems, and she discovers a few interesting pieces of information.

She eventually acts on her findings and impresses the school at one of the Meetings. Are things on the Up-and-Up for Elizabeth? When Julian suddenly returns she has taken off her tunic and is trying to squeeze some of the water out of it.

Elizabeth wants no fuss. She manages to dry out her clothing and lie low BUT, all things come out in the wash and what she has done is revealed and dealt with at the next School Meeting. There are accolades and for her recent Good Works involving the school and for Services to the Community a reward is offered to her.

Elizabeth asks for something that the whole school can share However, she gets a Bonus! The artist in this case, Kenneth Lovell, is different from the one who illustrated the first two books. There is another short tale of Elizabeth — the Naughtiest Girl which was included a few years later in an omnibus of Enid Blyton stories. The Whyteleafeans must have a choice of school clothing. At the beginning Elizabeth is in a blouse, skirt, and tie so she, like other Blyton characters, must prefer wearing her uniform during the school holidays.

Later on she alternates between a full tunic and a blouse with skirt. The best thing to do would be to leave your money at home where it could be spent in the holidays. Another way out would be to hide your extra loot and be very careful when using it downtown so that no one sees you — save your trusted companion.

In general, how did the glamorous Arabella fare? Arabella did not seem to impress the children much at all despite her beauty and no girl or boy for that matter was madly attracted to her as was the case in the other school books. Quite unexpectedly she was the host of the only confirmed midnight feast in Whyteleafe history and as that school has a way of changing pupils attitudes no matter how negative or warped they are initially, it can be reported that Arabella began working harder and she attempted to cease fussing so much about her hair and dress-sense.

Yes, this little glamour-puss was definitely changing for the good which is an encouraging sign. Unlike the other Landmark Blyton school stories the Whyteleafe tales cover just a whole year of the first form.

There are smaller kids around so maybe there is a lower form or standard to which they belong. Either that, or they might simply be a little younger in the class and it can happen because I was ten to eleven in the first form amongst others who were eleven to twelve.

Not wanting the Heads of Whyteleafe to be hauled before the Beak on a charge relating to the care of minors I think it should be pointed out that the beer brought in for the midnight feast was made from ginger.


The Naughtiest Girl: Naughtiest Girl Is A Monitor : Book 3



The Naughtiest Girl Is a Monitor



The Naughtiest Girl Series


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