Enjoy Your Life by Sheikh Muhammad Al-Arifi is a book centered on developing and perfecting interpersonal skills based on Islamic Principles; whether that is with parents, children or students, friends, etc. This book is primarily based on the life of our beloved Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him. He read this book when he was 17 and later realized that Carnegie himself did not benefit from his advice as he chose to end his own life. Furthermore, it is a practical guide to winning the hearts of those you know in order to benefit, correct and guide them. After reading this book I reckon the author achieved the goal he was trying to accomplish. I personally have changed due to the many advices contained in it Alhamdulilah; I also have shared what I learned with others I kind of talk non-stop about it to friends sometimes!

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The purpose of the book is to encourage the reader to enjoy the life by practicing self-development and inter-personal skills. The thing that is compelling and inspiring about this book is, in order to emphasize the benefit of using social skills, the author draws from the Life of Prophet and his Companions.

This book includes remedies for despondency and numerous tips on how to keep worries and stress at bay. The author of this book, Dr. His audiences are left mesmerised during his lectures as he has such a unique way of speaking that even the non-Arabs, are enchanted by his words.

This book is both a treasure trove of historical incidents and a practical systematic guide to self-improvement which increases self-awareness, whilst nurturing the soul and strengthening the spirit. The author of the book has authored more than twenty published works and is also a well-known figure in the field of Islamic Dawah.

Table of Contents 1. They did not benefit 19 2. What are we going to learn? Why do we search for skills? Improve yourself 28 5. Do not cry over spilt milk 32 6.

Be unique 35 7. Who is the most beloved to you? Enjoy the skills 48 9. With the poor 52 With women 55 With slaves and servants 66 With adversaries 69 Purify your intention for the sake of Allah 86 Use the right flavour 91 Choose the right topics Be kind at the first meeting People are like the minerals of the earth The keys to hearts Be concerned about others Show them that you want the best Remember names Be observant and complimentary Only pass comment on what is good Do not interfere in matters that How to deal with a meddlesome person Do not criticise!

Do not be dictatorial Hold the stick from the middle Make it easy to rectify a fault The other opinion Respond to mistreatment with kindness Convince him of his error so he may Do not criticise me!

End of story? Verify the fault before criticising Whip me gently! Run away from problems! Admit your faults and do not be arrogant… The keys to mistakes… Untie the bundle Self torture Problems with no solutions Do not kill yourself by grief Be content with what Allah has apportioned Be a mountain Do not curse him because he drinks alcohol! If what you desire does not happen, We can disagree and still be brothers! Gentleness only beautifies Between the living and the dead Make your tongue sweet Be concise and do not argue Do not care about what people say Smile and keep smiling The red lines Keeping a secret Do not burden yourself with what you Who kicked the cat?

Humbleness To worship in secret Take them out of the ditch Honesty Steadiness on principles Temptations


Enjoy Your Life



Enjoy Your Life By Dr. M Arifi Audio Book



Enjoy Your Life


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