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Description of Hawaii real property transaction: a. Date of transfer mm-dd-yyyy c. Tax map key number d. Enter the amount withheld on Form NA. Attach a copy of Form NA Sales price Attach final sales statement Purchase price of property Attach final purchase statement Depreciation Attach schedule Other Attach list and schedule Total Subtractions — Add lines 8 and 9.

Adjusted basis of property. Line 3 plus line 7, minus line Line 2 minus line 11 See Instructions for installment sales Enter the tentative tax on the gain See Instructions Line 1 minus line This line MUST be filled in. It is not mandatory to file Form NC. Also, Form NC will be rejected if it is filed after the due date of the tax return. You must file the same filing status on Forms NC and N See the front of the form for the mailing NOTE: Before you begin to fill in Form NC, you should review the notification you received from the Department that we received your withholding payment to make sure that the information is correct.

If any information is not correct, please return a corrected copy of the notification to the Department. PAGE 2 income tax withheld, schedule of improvements with contracts, invoices, receipts, IRS Form for likekind exchange, depreciation schedule and any other supporting documents. You must also report all other Hawaii sourced income and Hawaii tax withholdings, as well as any deductions or credits that you may have.

Enter the information describing the Hawaii real property transaction. In b, enter the address and description of the property. In c, enter the tax map key number.

In d, enter the name of the county where the property is located. Failure to do so may delay any important notices or correspondence to you. Line 2. Enter the gross sales price. Attach a copy of your final sales statement. Enter the name, address, and identification number social security number or federal employer I. Line 4. Cost on improvements of the property, if any. Attach schedule. If you do not have one, you must file a State income tax return e. Enter the purchase price of the property.

Attach a copy of your final purchase statement. Line 5. Selling expense i. Line 6. Other costs. Attach list and schedule. Line 7. Add lines 4, 5 and 6. Line 8. Line 9. Other subtractions. Do not include any carryforward losses, net operating losses, suspended passive activity losses or IRC section exclusion. Line Add lines 8 and 9.

Line 2 minus line If you are reporting the gain under the installment method, attach a separate sheet showing the principal payments received during the taxable year and the gross profit percentage. Multiply the amount of the principal payments by the gross profit percentage and enter the result on line If you are a person other than a C corporation, you must use the tax rate schedules to the left to determine the amount to enter on line NOTE: These tax rates apply to long-term capital gains.

For short-term capital gains, use the tax rates in the income tax booklets to determine the amount to enter on line For partnerships, S corporations, trusts, or estates, the gain on line 4 must be allocated among each partner or member, S corporation shareholder, or beneficiary of the trust or estate member.

Calculate the tax liability for each member. Enter the total tax liability of all members on line Attach a schedule showing the name, identification number, and the amount of gain and tax liability allocated to each member. Also, show the computation of the tax liability for each member.

See publication for more information. Signature Form NC must be signed by an individual, a responsible corporate officer, a member or general partner of a partnership, or a trustee, executor, or other fiduciary of a trust or estate or by an authorized agent with a power of attorney.

If you file your income tax return as married filing a joint return, your spouse must also sign this form. Please fill out all items. Extracted from PDF file hawaii-form-nc. You can print other Hawaii tax forms here.


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Form 288c - Change of particulars of a Director or Secretary


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