Siamo assediati da tutte le parti. Cerchiamo allora di ricostruirne i tratti fondamentali. Partiamo dalle pietre che ne sono a fondamento. Bisogna arrampicarsi sugli scaffali alti delle nostre biblioteche. Andare alla ricerca di un libro fondamentale per ognuno di noi.

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I am not in the habit of leaving a book half-finished, but in this case I was seriously thinking about it. And Bloom does have the great advantage of infecting his readers with his enthusiasm for literature.

Therefore, it is with gusto that he writes about Cankne, Joyce and Borges. However, irony does not need to be so limited. View all 15 comments. Harold Bloom really is a cantankerous old thing, so hard to please and yet so seemingly pleased with himself. Just so you know.

And this, in fact, is what literary criticism ought to do. Return to Book Page. I would add a few others to the list, personally. Recovery of the ironic. Open Preview See a Problem? Of course, that would involve writing about people who are alive and ooccidentale defend themselves, and Bloom has the courage of a dozen Grail knights when it comes to making the most far-spanning assumptions about very great, very intelligent, very talented, very dead men.

Western Canon Yes, it is important to preserve certain texts in American culture. For more than forty years, Bloom has transformed college students into lifelong readers with his unrivaled love for literature.

But I find that to be a stretch. Gli esempi di poesia citati sono quasi tutti di argomento funebre. No one can read that in a lifetime! Il canone occidentale — Harold Bloom — Google Books Haold has what would have been called, in the era he should have lived in, good taste in literature. But a good academic background should also include contemporary pieces. Charles Dickens novel on the ravages caused by tuberculosis, Great Expectorations 3.

Reading literary criticism is like having a tour-guide to a book. Thus, he devotes most of his chapter on Tolstoy, not to War and Peace occiidentale even Anna Karenina but Exasperating, brilliant, outrageous, nonsensical, confusing, unintelligible. This does not hide the fact that he understands literature less than your average ten-year-old and, moreover, that he is so unremittingly insistent upon some unchanging interpretation of literature, and so humorless in his consideration of writers and their writing, that his continued presence in the literary world is an insult to every single author he claims to praise in the book, Will Shakespeare included.

It sort of is, but One of his favorite activities is to trace out literary bkoom, saying which writer descended from which. TOP Related Posts.


Il canone occidentale



Il Canone occidentale


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