Cord personally sets aviation records, as did Hughes. Cord personally pilots a gigantic flying boat called the Centurion, "the biggest airplane ever built", to prove its airworthiness in order to meet a naval contract condition. Hughes personally piloted the Hughes H-4 Hercules or Spruce Goose , by some criteria the largest aircraft ever built, to prove its airworthiness in order to deflect Congressional criticism of his war contracts. Ian Parker and others identify the character Rina Marlowe with Jean Harlow , whom Howard Hughes had under personal contract for a few years and who many believe had an affair with Hughes; although actual evidence of such an affair is patchy at best, and Harlow often complained about Hughes making a fortune loaning her to other studios and paying her a paltry salary her contract with Hughes was eventually bought out by MGM.

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Start your review of The Carpetbaggers Write a review Shelves: novels I see what he does he flat-out steals well-known stuff which everyone has heard of and stirs it shamelessly into his story so after the hero gets involved in the movie business circa when talkies were just coming in, hes already described a movie which sounds like High Noon , then problems with a leading ladys horrible voice like in Singin in the Rain And then our hero has to design a new type of bra for the leading lady to tone down her uncontrollable breastfulness, like what Howard Hughes did for Jane Russell early 40s.

The heroine of the second half is a little bit of Marilyn Monroe and a little bit of the plot of Vertigo. He stood there watching the blurred, sensual look come back into her face. She sank to her knees before him, and he felt her lips press against his thighs. Robbins is big on nipples. Anyway, I was expecting more gross sex stuff than there was. There was some, but there should have been a lot more. It was creepy. Now, you just sit down and make yourself comfortable.

For just at that moment, the squall came roaring in from the starboard side and capsized the boat. People get their face slapped. This happens to men and women quite frequently. The open palm cracked smartly across the side of his face, knocking his head sideways against the toilet bowl 2.

People grind out cigarettes. Grind those ciggies! The acrid smoke burned in her throat. Angrily she ground it out. Women have a lot of nipples.

I already mentioned this. Good looking women enjoy being naked in this novel. I should mention that all the women in this novel are good-looking and have amazing breasts. Well, there are a couple who have flat chests — they are the Lesbians. Many people die suddenly in this novel. For me this was a case of rubbernecking at an accident site.

For you — not, repeat, not recommended.


The Carpetbaggers



[PDF] The Carpetbaggers Book by Harold Robbins Free Download (688 pages)


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