The HXR-MCE offers an ideal balance of performance and functionality in the digital era with a wide variety of features necessary for serious videographers, all well within their reach at an affordable price point. With these enhancements over previous models, the HXR-MCE is an ideal cost-effective solution for event videographers, who desire strong low-light performance, high picture quality, operational flexibility and reliability. Wide angle view, high contrast 1. In addition, there is also the built-in 3-inch wide high resolution LCD panel approximately 0. Furthermore, it is also NFC-capable Near Field Communications to allow easy, one-touch wireless connections to compatible mobile devices. Ideal for long event shooting thanks to embedded 32GB internal flash memory and low power consumption A 32GB internal flash memory storage system on board of the HXR-MCE enables longer duration recording of more than minutes.

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This improves picture performance whether zooming in on the action, or getting a perspective on the big picture with the Autofocus technology is also enhanced to perform better in low-light conditions, so the G-lens can quickly achieve sharp focus on a moving subject. This superb performance in dimly indoor scenes and outdoor night scenes is matched by excellent results in bright daylight. Optical SteadyShot with Active Mode This feature ensures smooth movement while recording footage in many challenging shooting situations.

This latest version of image stabilisation technology realizes images that are up to 10x steadier for wide angle shooting than conventional Optical SteadyShot images. As the user zooms in, an intelligent digital image stabiliser starts to blend in and work together with its optical counterpart to effectively reduce camera shake. This technology also reduces shake in the rolling direction that commonly occurs when shooting while walking.

Users can control the G Lens iris to create an out-of-focus effect in the foreground or background. Shutter-speed can also be controlled to create special effects, such as the flowing motion of a waterfall or bird wings in flight etc.

There are also cold shoes on the front and rear of the handle, which allow for the attachment of two different types of accessories. This makes it convenient and economical to obtain new media in almost any location.

In addition, a large capacity 64GB solid-state memory comes built into the camcorder body. This combination of removable and built-in memory is especially convenient when shooting a corporate event or wedding on the move. When content has been backed up to a HDD or downloaded to a PC for editing, you can simply reuse both the removable memory cards and internal memory for your next assignment.

AVCHD — Ideal for Memory Recording AVCHD is a highly efficient data compression format which greatly reduces memory requirements, maximizing the benefits of file-based recording with high image quality in a small file size. If your project will end up on DVD, then using this format can save you production time and maintain the original image quality. This model is also equipped with a down-conversion function that enables DVD burning to SD picture quality.

With Direct Copy you also have the option of quickly and easily backing up valuable video data on an external hard disk drive, HDD - without using a PC. Collection and replacement product delivery anywhere in EU, Norway and Switzerland. What others think Rated 3.


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