One in around month of May and second time in around month of November on the three consecutive Sundays of the month. Indian Institute of Banking and Finance is established in and nowadays, it includes more than banks and financial institutes. It is one of the premium exams, conducted by the IIBF to get the best from the officers who are already members of the Indian institute of Banking and Finance. This exam is conducted to check the advance ways of decision making and general banking management. It consists of three compulsory papers. It aims to provide advanced knowledge and skills related to decision making, risk management and general bank management.

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TT selling rate is applicable for the transaction of- A. Issue of telegraphic transfers B. Outward remittances other than for remittances of import bill. Retirement of import bill for which remittance is sent by TT D. Payment of telegraphic transfer For funding the Vostro account, the bank in India will apply A.

It s TT buying rate B. It s TT selling rate. Interbank spot buying rate D. Interbank spot selling rate The objective of trading in foreign exchange by a dealer of a bank is to- A. Make profit out of exchange rate fluctuations B. Insulate the bank from exchange rate changes C. Comply with exchange control regulation D. None of the above.

For the bankers, the spread will be wider when- A. Purchase of foreign currency from a customer is covered by a sale to another customer of the bank. Merchant trades are covered by interbank deals C. Exposure is one currency is covered by a position in another currency D.

Purchase of foreign currency from a customer is covered by sale to customer of another bank. India is facing continuous deficit in its balance of payments. In the foreign exchange market rupee is expected to A. Appreciate C. Show no specific tendency. Depreciate against currencies of the countries with positive balance of payment and appreciate against countries with negative balance of payment The effect of speculation on exchange rate is A.

It causes violent fluctuations in exchange rate. It aggravates the market trends. Either or both of 1 and 2. Neither 1 nor 2. The demand for domestic currency in the foreign exchange market is indicated by the following transactions in balance of payment A.

Export of goods and services B. Import of goods and services. Export of goods and services and capital inflows D. Import of goods and services and capital outflows.

The forward US dollar is quoted at premium against Indian Rupees. This implies A. Money market rates are higher in India than in the US B. Money market rates are lower in India than in the US. Market yield is higher in US than in India. Dollar has a better value than Indian Rupee. Determination of forward rates is explained by A.

Uncovered interest arbitrage B. Purchasing power parity theory C. Demand and Supply for spot currency. The bond markets are important because A. They are easily the most widely followed financial markets. They are the markets where foreign exchange rates are determined. They are the markets where interest rates are determined. They are the markets without risk Markets in which funds are transferred from those who have excess funds available to those who have a shortage of available funds are called A.

Exchange rate between currency A and currency B, given the values of currencies A and B with respect to a third currency is known as A. Golden standard C. Fixed exchange rate D. Cross exchange rate Difference between buying and selling rates in an exchange rate or interest rate quotation is known as.


International Banking Previous Year Questions

This year 2nd time exams are going to be held on , and Download the PDF files of JAIIB accounting and finance for bankers previous year question papers from below ward of this page, tailored by the team of project www. Interest on overdraft 3. Cash drawn from bank 4. Cheque deposited but not collected Answer: 3 Q2: Reconciliation of overcasting on receipts side of cash book 1. Increases the balance in the passbook.


JAIIB Previous Years Question Papers Free Download PDF


EN 1515-4 PDF

JAIIB Previous Year Question Papers (Accounting and Finance) Solved Paper



JAIIB Previous Year Question Papers (Accounting and Finance) Solved Paper


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