It is the first book of its kind written by a Filipino author and has become a classic in the field since it first came out in commercial book form in Although the flavor of the original edition was retained, the new edition contains a great deal of new theories and findings on neuroscience and parapsychology. Because it defies currently accepted laws of physics, chemistry and scientific logic, psychic surgery must involve some kind of magic. One cannot go about opening up the skin with his bare had, taking out tissues from inside the body, spilling blood all over and then closing the wound with hardly a trace of the operation of getting the patient healed in the process.

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Carballo The Philippine Star - July 23, - am We have heard of Jaime Licauco for the longest time and knew that he was the top name in parapsychology. We have been told of his various activities, lectures, seminars and writings. We have yet to catch him on his radio program but plan to do so very soon.

We asked him what the matter was, and he said excitedly, holding a clipping in his hand. It has happened to me in the exact same way. Then he went to a heavier barbell and was surprised at the ease with which he could lift it. We read what was in the column. It, too, interested us, and we decided to research on who exactly was Jaime Licauco. What we discovered almost floored us. His litany of activities and accomplishments include the pamphlet Healing Without Medicine and the book Understanding the Psychic Powers of Man.

He taught parapsychology at De La Salle, founded the Philippine Paranormal Research Society that investigates and documents supposed paranormal phenomena, developed and conducted the first Creative and Intuitive Management module for graduate students, and established the Silva Mind Control and the Inner Mind Development Institute which conducts seminars on mind development, whole brain management, ESP, creative thinking and related subjects.

He also founded the New Age Breakfast Club that would meet weekly to discuss topics of a metaphysical, paranormal and spiritual nature.

What do we personally think of all these? Of his 12 books published over a period of time, we would personally pick the following, most of them available at National Book Store. They sound like they would make for interesting reading — the kind to bring along on a long flight.

But what we discovered next is what truly interested us. He was born in , a mere year before I, too, was born. He lived for a while in San Juan City, where we also lived and went to school. Of course, everyone who has ever lived and worked in San Juan would be familiar with what the city is known for. San Juan is the city associated with ghosts, witches, dwarves, gnomes and all that inhabit the other world. We recall carrying on a conversation with a favorite gnome as a child.

We also remember how we would set aside a tin can of food for them to eat and knew this would make them happy. We are certain Licauco will understand this feeling. E-mail your comments to bibsyfotos yahoo.


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Jaime Licauco


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