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Shelves: gorgeous-covers This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Sure, the author drew in the reader by only threading in small hints as to why the main character, Thea, was sent away from home and to this riding camp. Thea is a selfish, unlearning, horrible character.

Then she finds out he wants one thing from her sex, not marriage , so you would think she would learn her lesson after her disgraced family sends her way. She spends most of the book yearning for home why, after her affair with her cousin, her horrified family, and the incident in which her twin brother Sam maims and almost kills said cousin after finding out, is beyond me , even though almost all the girls are nice and friendly toward her. Then she has an affair with the handsome and married headmaster while his wife is conveniently gone for a month or so.

Sixteen years old! Moral of the story from the author in her deluded mind : If you want something, no matter how bad it is, you should just go after it because everything will turn out just fine for you, if not for the people in your life. Which brings me to another point: Thea is a very inconsistent character.

What kind of message is that? What do you think they do with people who murder others because of an act of passion? Come on. So yeah, everything turns out great for wonderful, ideal and selfless Thea. So she goes home. Oh, and guess what Thea cares about? She only cares about the horse, even after noticing how sad her mother is being torn from the place she fell in love with. Nope, only cares about her horse. I had never heard this before. But I thought that God knew we were special.

It would be better if he were dead. All of it, Thea. Just a series of events. The sun was rising, and street sweepers were making a neat job of clearing the sidewalks. Mother and Father thought they were punishing me, by sending me away. It was a reward, to stay here. But they were wrong. It was not a punishment. I took his hand, and squeezed it. Our lives are elsewhere. But God grants happiness only to those who seek it.

That her happiness is the only thing that matters, and she does not accept any responsibility for what happened. I am actually typing furiously. As my sister says, "intelligent authors write intelligent books. This sounded like one big excuse for graphic incest sex scenes, as well as graphic sex scenes of an older married man taking advantage of a younger girl.

Wonder why the age of consent is 18? Just guess. It was also an excuse to avoid any responsibility and to say that anything bad that happens should just be accepted because the person is selfish.

Sorry, passionate. All in all, I would advise any self-respecting person to stay as far away from this book as possible.


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