Heroes[ edit ] Michael Steven Donovan, born on 30 October near Augusta, Georgia, is the main character of the eponymous series. He becomes an enemy of discrimination of all kinds, fighting against the Confederates although being a Southerner himself , and trying to protect the rights of Native Americans. He chooses the surname "Blueberry" as alias when fleeing from his Southern enemies inspired when he looks at a blueberry bush , starting with his adventures as a lieutenant in the United States Cavalry shortly after the American Civil War. Blueberry was advised by General Crook to ask him for some information about Indians because he was known as a specialist in the matter. From then, he helped him in some of his missions.

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JoJojind While Charlier leunant no lfutnant on this whatsoever, it did serve a purpose as far as he was concerned. English translation by R. No post-original creators editions have seen the day of light in the English language as ofbut, like the source series, the Young Blueberry spin-off series did see translations in numerous bluebery, the three titles by the original creators and the Wilson outings specifically, but appreciatively less so for the subsequent releases.

It was then that the creators decided to revisit the Young Blueberry adventures as well, which had ended its run in Super Pocket Pilote. Six months before his passing, I advised him to calm down. Bluebberry very much resembled a regular series episode, but much smaller. I mingled many real facts and characters that had really existed into my imaginary biography. The leufnant of such a character can not have an ending. Blufberry ofthe spin-off series by Corteggiani and Blanc-Dumont remains only published in French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Danish and Italian, [] a far cry from the nearly two dozen languages the main series had once been published in.

This would have caused too much confusion in the mind of the reader. We were fortunate though, that he negotiated on our behalf as well, and bluenerry profited very much from the deals he struck.

A detail that should not be lacking in all this pizzazz, the officers leutjant on Leutnat sides are, in reality, comic artists Jean-Marc Reiser and Jean Tabarywho were relatively unknown at the time, but who have come a long way since the time they posed as Blue Coats! But it is no longer the same. In recognition for their assistance, Rombaldi was retained for similar releases of the two other Dargaud Western series, fr: Especially the first few pages. The early acquisition of Jeremiah was actually a major consideration to proceed in this manner.

Apart from the expedited release of the two additional La Jeunesse titles, Dargaud also undertook a subsequent action in an attempt to further profit from the upsurge in popularity of Blueberryby releasing the very first six-volume Blueberry integral edition of But this was a special case, a kind of favor from a friend.

Then the idea struck me to forge out a past for Blueberry through the stories we were asked to do for this Superpocket Pilote. Blueerry BD News in French 1. Three chapters in one book. The material for the first three albums, conceived by the original Blueberry creators, was originally published in the — mass market paperback sized Super Pocket Pilote series, [16] as in total bllueberry page short stories, eight of them constituting one story-arc set in the war.

Two chapters in one book Chapter title same as book. European standard size softcover graphic novel format. Leutnant Blueberry Mister Blueberry.

Corral: BD 40 The three American albums, again translated by the Lofficier couple, were also, unaltered and unedited, included in the above-mentioned anthology collection from Graphitti Designs. As an aside, I humbly apologize to the respectable professors and other eminent historians who have rock solidly believed in it, and who have overwhelmed me with requests for my sources.

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Leutnant Blueberry, Bd.13, Chihuahua Pearl

Who knows? And there was one scene in which she has to distract the bad guys and showed a lot of cleavage which made a big impression on young Subzero. Yes, western movies were a big deal back then and westerns were kind of everywhere. Blueberry was created by writer Jean - Michel Charlier and it chronicles the adventures of Mike Blueberry on his travels through the American Old West. Blueberry is an atypical western hero; he is not a wandering lawman who brings evil - doers to justice, nor a handsome cowboy who rides into town, saves the ranch, becomes the new sheriff and marries the schoolmarm. The story follows Michael Steven Donovan, nicknamed " Blueberry ", a name he chose when fleeing from his Southern enemies which was inspired when he looked at a blueberry bush , starting with his adventures as a lieutenant in the United States Cavalry shortly after the American Civil War.


Blueberry – Collector’s Edition 1

Charlier had in effect already written several Westerns, both comics and illustrated short prose stories, in the period for various previous magazines. One such short entailed the text comic " Cochise " in Jeannot magazine, July , dealing with the historical " Bascom Affair ", which six years later would become the apotheosis of the first Blueberry story, "Fort Navajo". Furthermore, Charlier had already visited the South-West of the United States in , resulting in several Native-American themed educational Pilote editorials. He took the opportunity to re- discover the American West, returning to France with a strong urge to write a western.


Leutnant Blueberry



Leutnant Blueberry


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