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I am inclined to doubt it. Chopin was prevailed on to perform an impromptu, and Sand wrote him a quick note: "On vous adore" We adore you. Source: Wikipedia From the beginning of their relationship Sand recognized that the younger and less sexually experienced Chopin was physically frail and emotionally sensitive.

But perhaps these were some of the qualities, along with his artistic nature, that attracted her. And as in her other great affair, with Alfred de Musset, with Chopin she became nurse as well as lover. She was to write, "I look after him like a child, and he loves me like his mother.

And Sand was deeply appreciative of his musical expressivity. He made a lone instrument speak the language of the infinite. In many ways the two were opposites.

Sand was politically liberal, while Chopin was conservative. Sand moved in bohemian circles, while Chopin cultivated friends and patrons with high social standing. Sand was passionate and impulsive, while Chopin could be withdrawn and irritable. That jealousy, and the ultimate doom it spelled for the relationship, were reflected in the novel Sand worked on in the summer of , Lucrezia Floriani.

Source: archive. Karol is described in terms that are reminiscent of Chopin: social correctness, constitutional weakness and emotional coldness. His charming face predisposed one in his favour; his physical frailty made him interesting in the eyes of women; the richness and ease of his intellectual gifts, the suave and attractive originality of his conversation, won him the attention of educated men.

As for those of lesser metal, they liked his exquisite politeness and they were all the more appreciative of it as they could not imagine, in their simple goodheartedness, that he was merely performing a duty and that sympathy did not enter into it at all.

He impulsively convinces Karol to join him in dropping in on her unannounced. My heart, not my senses have ruled me, and I cannot even begin to understand pleasure without rapturous affection. We must know what you mean by that. I have never sought scandal. Maybe I have caused it without wishing to, and without knowing. I have never loved two men at the same time. I have never in fact and in intention belonged to more than one man during a given time, depending on the duration of my love.

When I no longer loved him I did not deceive him. I broke with him absolutely. Each time I have loved, it was with so much of my heart that I thought it was for the first and last time in my life. If I have acted well or badly I have been punished and rewarded by those passions themselves. I was to lose my reputation as a result; I expected it; I sacrificed reputation to love, and that concerns me alone.

But as he is departing the next day he falls ill, and after Lucrezia slowly nurses him back to health they become lovers. Salvator sees what is happening with unease, but leaves the two to their idyll. The more exasperated he was the colder he appeared and one could only judge of the degree of his fury by that of his icy courtesy. And then he brought wit into play, false, brittle wit, in order to torture those whom he loved. He was bantering, artificial, precious, utterly disgusted with everything.

A nature which is rich through exuberance and one which is rich through exclusiveness cannot fuse. One of the two must consume the other and leave nothing but its ashes.

And this is what happened. One evening George Sand read her work-in-progress aloud to both men. Madame Sand seemed absolutely at her ease, and Chopin never stopped admiring the story. After that summer he never returned to Nohant, and although Sand saw him over the next winter in Paris, the inevitable final break occurred—by letter—the following summer.

Although Sand continued to make solicitous inquiries about him through mutual friends such as Pauline Viardot, Chopin remained bitter towards Sand for the remainder of his life. He died in October , probably of chronic tuberculosis. At the end of Lucrezia Floriani the narrator suggests that there may be a sequel that would continue to follow Prince Karol, but one never appeared. Perhaps regarding these characters Sand came to feel that there was nothing more she wished to say. Other posts in this series:.


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