Return to Top Leaders Leaders consistently do considerably better in overall campaign management performance for basic and advanced campaigns, as well as for integration with e-marketing. Leaders have high market visibility, high market penetration, strong market momentum and a strategic vision for growing the campaign management business. Return to Top Challengers Challengers see continued investments in campaign management solutions as complementary offerings to business applications that are their core competencies. Challengers have a developing understanding of the campaign management market and basic campaign management functionality. Return to Top Visionaries Visionaries provide a strong vision for the campaign management market, or excel in advanced or emerging areas, such as inbound marketing and digital marketing.

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Stamford, Conn. SAP was a challenger last year. Marketo shared the visionaries quadrant with Sitecore last year, but the latter keeps that spot to itself this time. Machine Learning Integrations They define the multichannel campaign management MCCM market as vendors that "orchestrate customer engagements and marketing content to individuals and segments across multiple channels.

Channels may include websites, email, mobile, social, programmatic advertising, call centers and direct mail. Emarsys, Episerver, Maropost, Resulticks and Sailthru made the cut this year. Gartner dropped only two vendors — Microsoft and SDL — that did not meet the minimum requirements.

Personalization tech is nothing new to digital marketing. Vendors now, however, add personalization engines to their MCCM suites versus a standalone offering. The original focus on web channels has opened up to email marketing. Machine learning and artificial intelligence AI.

Vendors are moving to predictive and prescriptive analytics techniques powered by machine learning and AI. Success teams. Vendors are listening and adding these services.

Campaign journey analytics. Customer journey analytics is in high demand. At the core are attribution metrics, typically added, Gartner researchers found, as a third-party overlay to core MCCM offerings. Their software must include at least three of the following — predictive analytics, campaign optimization, multidimensional segmentation, event triggering, real-time recommendations or multichannel lead management — and support integrations with CRM or salesforce automation applications.


Gartner Names 7 Multichannel Campaign Management Leaders

Multichannel marketing is complicated. But with the right tools, you can easily run your cross-channel campaigns. Deliver personal experiences across every channel. Our Product: The ability to deliver great experiences on every channel. Our Capabilities: Bundle options that give you exactly what you need. We help you deliver cross-channel campaigns, manage the customer journey, and optimize your email marketing for your overall strategy. The Gartner document is available upon request from Adobe.


Magic Quadrant For CRM Multichannel Campaign Management

In order to be included in the Magic Quadrant vendors must be among industry leaders in three categories: functionality, market presence and momentum, and vendor viability. The criterion, which may be adjusted from year to year as the market evolves, are weighted high, standard, or low. Operations, innovation and market responsiveness were weighted low. Customer experience, marketing strategy, sales strategy, business model, vertical strategy, geographic strategy, and sales execution were in the middle.

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