The above-mentioned gear is featured in a hot new at-home workout program! How would you like to tone your muscles without hitting a gym or dropping a lot of money on fancy machinery? Edythe Heus, a chiropractor specializing in rehabilitating elite athletes. The dynamic duo is a dream team whose original mission was to get professional athletes back on the playing field after serious injuries. You get strengthening and strength flexibility all in one workout. You get much leaner muscle and more efficient muscle.

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I want to make it clear that I have no business relationship with the authors other than as a customer i. After 8 months on the program I can definitively say that I will not go back to traditional workouts. I believe the core principles of this book — Instability, Multiple Planes, Reversing, and Resistance — will form the foundation of all athletic training programs in the future.

As luck would have it, Dr. Edythe Heus one of the authors lives near a family member in CA and I was able to take a personal lesson from her in May. I was a bit nervous about the meeting, figuring that my form was probably horrible since I had never taken formal instruction and learned from a book. We met at her home studio and worked through a number of the exercises.

She was incredibly encouraging and — to my surprise — complimentary on some of my technique. We reviewed some minor changes and improvements in the exercises as well as some new routines. For example, we worked some balance exercises on the Bosu ball. Integrating these technique changes into my workout was harder than I anticipated.

In many ways it felt like I was starting from scratch. Two months later, the exercises are once again getting easier. The technique changes were very helpful and I am finding myself pushing harder and harder with some of the exercises, using more ballistic energy to generate resistance. It is difficult to describe the results of this program simply because it is so different. Based on my experiences the exercises may look similar but the feeling and results are totally different.

I have been doing personal fitness regularly since I was 14 years old, and the modest results I gained from Yoga, weightlifting, etc. The progress I made — however small — did not readily translate to the athletic field. Somehow Dr. When these signals are properly engaged the routines quickly get easier and I notice results week-to-week. At times the changes appear almost magically and I surprise myself at the difference in feeling.

This nearly instant, positive feedback is a great motivator. Several people mentioned to me that ProBodX is out of print.

Fortunately Dr. Heus is developing a new program called The Heus Approach based on the same principles. I just purchased a used version of the Probodx book on Amazon.

Right now I feel like my current weight lifting routine is breaking me down. My current manager actually got to work out with M. Marinovich in his gym. I hope this works. I also bought the book several years ago and tried out the exercises. I get plenty of exercise doing my work, but need to supplement it to continue as an electrician for years to come. I exercise every morning for 20 minutes doing stretches, etc. It takes me from 20 to 30 minutes to do, and believe or not, I see results.

Karl Schuller February 7, at am Reply Hi, could somebody please tell me where i can buy the Hollow Pro Bo Bells and the other equipment needed to do the program. I am also intereded if there is a DVD that goes with the program. Best regards.


Probodx: Proper Body Exercise: The Path to True Fitness




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