Reply: Similar Artilces: How to display an include a file using include or Response. WriteFile in the correct location of the web form Hello, I am trying to include a file, which will work as a footer for the main page. I currently have a GridView that gets populated by a DataSource. WriteFile " command and the result is the same. Does anyone know why this i

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For overlapped sockets, pending asynchronous operations can fail if the thread is closed before the asynchronous operations complete. For more information, see ExitThread. The maximum number of bytes that can be transmitted using a single call to the TransmitFile function is 2,,,, the maximum value for a bit integer minus 1. The maximum number of bytes to send in a single call includes any data sent before or after the file data pointed to by the lpTransmitBuffers parameter plus the value specified in the nNumberOfBytesToWrite parameter for the length of file data to send.

If an application needs to transmit a file larger than 2,,, bytes, then multiple calls to the TransmitFile function can be used with each call transferring no more than 2,,, bytes. Setting the nNumberOfBytesToWrite parameter to zero for a file larger than 2,,, bytes will also fail since in this case the TransmitFile function will use the size of the file as the value for the number of bytes to transmit.

Because TransmitFile achieves its performance gains by sending data directly from the file cache. The TransmitFile function was primarily added to Winsock for use by high-performance server applications web and ftp servers, for example.

Workstation and client versions of Windows optimize the TransmitFile function for minimum memory and resource utilization by limiting the number of concurrent TransmitFile operations allowed on the system to a maximum of two.

Server versions of Windows optimize the TransmitFile function for high performance. On server versions, there are no default limits placed on the number of concurrent TransmitFile operations allowed on the system. Expect better performance results when using TransmitFile on server versions of Windows. All pending receive data sent by remote side received prior to a FIN from the remote side on the TCP socket has been read.

The remote side has closed the connection completed the graceful TCP connection closure. The function will not complete until the file has been sent. These flags should not be used on a socket where quality of service has been requested, since the service provider may immediately delete any quality of service associated with the socket before the file transfer has completed.

The best approach for a QoS-enabled socket is to simply call the closesocket function when the file transfer has completed, rather than relying on these flags.


TransmitFile function



Save server memory with Response.TransmitFile()



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