VermiPonics Unlike most hydroponic grow beds, there are thousands of Red Worms in this one! I certainly have lived vicariously through the aquaponics activities of others, however! Probably the most logical idea in my head, anyway has been to simply add Red Worms to an aquaponics grow bed, since I know how well they can thrive in very wet conditions — assuming they are provided with at least some oxygen. To me it seemed like the ultimate habitat, since apart from the high moisture, I knew the worms would also greatly appreciate the rich microbial buffet laid out before them. Add to this the fact that worm bi-products have been shown time and time again via academic studies to help stimulate plant growth via various mechanisms, and it seems like a no-brainer to stock a grow bed with them. Unlike yours truly — as far as aquaponics is concerned — Jim not only talks the talk , but he also walks the walk, having set up multiple thriving plant growth systems over the years.

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Download Step 5: Setting Up the Irrigation The solar pump and panel are easy enough to set up, just put the panel on a stick and throw the pump in the tank with a hose on it. The hard part is setting up the syphon system. The siphon is commonly used in aquapnoic systems and there is loads of info on youtube and other websites. The GIF is a bell siphon and is basicly the same principal for all siphons, I have used the 2 loop siphons shown in the diagram, the internal siphon inside the top tank, and the normal loop on the gravel grow bed.

They can be tricky to set up but once working they require no maintenance and are very reliable. Here are some pointers. Use tube that keeps its shape does not crush as even a small amount of flatness in the tube upsets the siphon. Use clear tube so you can see the water flow and how it works. The path of the tube needs to be circular as shown It s important for the siphon to get a big gulp of air at the end of its cycle as this stops the flow of water Attach the end of the siphon to the side of the grow bed not the bottom as shown in the diagram as it works better on the side.

This can also regulate the amount of water the garden beds get. It also helps to get the tank as high as possible. Add Tip.







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