Shelves: in-english , read-in , bodyguards This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. That has been fun. I mean, ethical questions about using teens as bodyguards and putting them deliberately in danger aside of course. Some things have been a bit cliche-y the dead bodyguard dad, for example but overall I enjoyed it and it has been fun reading it.

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Content In a dangerous world, everyone needs protection. With the rise of teen stars, the intense media focus on celeb families and a new wave of billionaires, adults are no longer the only target for hostage-taking, blackmail and assassination — kids are too. Recruited into the ranks of a covert young bodyguard squad, year-old Connor Reeves embarks on a rigorous close protection course.

She just wants to have fun. And with no clue Connor is her bodyguard, Alicia tries to elude her Secret Service agents and lead Connor astray.

But unknown to her, a terrorist sleeper cell has been activated. Because there are no more book left in this series I was searching for books which will give me similar feelings. And I was right! I really enjoyed it! The Story I think the concept is very cool and I also love that it is kind of unique.

The book began with a very very thrilling prologue and also the first chapters were very cool and interesting. I was very curious about the whole training part in the book and unfortunately it was very very short. The second quarter of the book was less thrilling than the other parts but the end of the book compensated this. It was soo good and thrilling. I also learned very much about bodyguard technics, which was very cool.

The Writing I liked the writing style! It was very detailed and well described. He lives together with his mother and his grandmother.

In the book he discovers more about the death of his father, which happened when Connor was younger. He gets recruited to be a young bodyguard. I liked him very much. He was very cool, very skilled but not arrogant. I was very curious about her and I liked her.

Sometimes she was a bit stupid and basic but she has so much more to her. I liked to se the relationship between her and Connor. For all the ones who love fun and thrilling stories with good subjects! Although the book had some minor flaws Last comment from me: I hope you liked my review.

You can tell me your thoughts about my review or the book, if you read it in the comments below. That would be awesome!


Chris Bradford



Chris Bradford



Review of „Bodyguard – Hostage“ by Chris Bradford


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