After deliberating, they decide to accept and go with Zoe to the new colony. Upon arriving, the colonists quickly realize they are not at Roanoke. They are approached by a member of the Special Forces of the CDF, adapted to live in space, who had attached himself to the exterior of their craft. He informs them they have no option but to land and begin the colony anyway. The ship has been irreparably damaged to prevent the craft from leaving orbit, and all the colonists are considered quarantined from the rest of the Colonial Union. He further tells them that to isolate them fully, they are forbidden from using any advanced technology.

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This new colony is the first colony made up of former colony planets. Perry, Sagan, and Zoe, along with her two alien bodyguards that worship Zoe like a god, decide to take the job as the new leaders of Roanoke Colony.

As soon as everyone arrives at the new colony planet, it is clear that everyone is ignorant of exactly what the CDF has in store for this new colony. Thus begins a story about survival, trust, intergalactic politics, and a small colony doing everything it can to not be destroyed.

The Last Colony and the entire series is fun because Scalzi writes serious situations but with humorous characters that always have something to say.

In fact, no other writer for me, is able to capture the spontaneity of a well delivered, true to life, wise crack of a line, during stressful situations, like Scalzi. Characters, John Perry and Jane Sagan let their opinion be know, without much of a filter, and to follow these type of protagonists keeps the reader on his toes. Expect to at lease smile 5 times or so while reading this book. Sometimes, when you read a lot of speculative fiction, you can kind of see where a plot is going, but with Scalzi, I never feel that way.

Each chapter ends mysteriously at times and it just makes you want to start the next chapter. Even though I read this on audio book, I find myself upset to have to stop.

The last reason you should read The Last Colony is that there are many political and social issues that happen through out the story that make the reader look at life in their own world more critically. Our characters have to make decisions that are going to impact an entire colony. These decisions are often treated carefully by John Perry, but his solutions to the problems, include so much critical thinking that it impacts us in real life to stop making brash reactions and decisions.

By being more like John Perry, really thinking about the circumstances, and coming up with an idea that best benefits as many people as possible, Scalzi teaches us things like tolerance, mature reasoning, and thinking outside the box. Perry is a common sense, intelligent man, without all the bad qualities that most politicians have. I would let him run my colony or country. Why you might not like this book: There is one main reason why you might not like The Last Colony by John Scalzi and that is happenstance.

The reader of The Last Colony has to be willing to have a suspension of disbelief because things work out amazingly well and it is just because of the incompetence of their enemies.

If this book was more honest to how the military of our world behave, a lot of the mistakes made in this book by the enemy, would not be made. It is only because of ineptness that things go well. That is the main draw back of the book and if you think you can look past that, you will enjoy it even more.

Recommendation: Are you looking for a light science fiction read with fun characters and an exciting plot that is unexpected? Post navigation.


The Last Colony by John Scalzi

When the colonists are dropped onto a different planet than the one they expected, they find themselves caught in a confrontation between the human Colonial Union and the alien confederation called the Conclave. Some readers may find the deus ex machina element a tad heavy-handed, but it helps keep up the momentum. Earth you know; everyone knows it. But you never forget where you come from. Being from Earth in this universe is like being a small-town kid who gets on the bus, goes to the big city and spends his entire afternoon gawking at all the tall buildings.

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The Last Colony

In year , John Scalzi won Hugo Award predominantly based on that blog for Best Fan-writer which he has used for several charity drives. John Scalzi has written columns and non- fiction books on different topics such as video games, finance, astronomy, films, and writing. He has also worked as a creative consultant for Star-gate Universe which is a TV series. Biography John Scalzi was born and spent his early childhood in California specifically in Los Angeles in the suburbs of Glendora, Covina and Claremont. It is well recorded that he was in high school with John Marshall who is a noted blogger and both were year class members.


May 02, Mayim de Vries rated it it was ok It is an interesting thing to be both critical and expendable to humanitys effort to populate the stars. After old people" part one and special forces second volume , in the third instalment, Mr Scalzi focuses on the colonists and colonial life in general. The main characters are our old friends, John Perry and Jane Sagan. In a sense, this book finalises the stories of these two.


Earth you know; everyone knows it. But you never forget where you come from. Being from Earth in this universe is like being a small-town kid who gets on the bus, goes to the big city and spends his entire afternoon gawking at all the tall buildings. I spent seventy-five years on Earth, living mostly in the same small Ohio town and sharing most of that life with the same woman.

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