The SPw60 portable terminal will also come with a WiFi access point, connection of which is covered in the next section. The recipient can receive this document on the condition that he will maniel the document confidential and will not use its contents in any form or by any means, except as agreed beforehand, without the prior written permission of INGENICO. No part of this document or the software may be reproduced or transmitted in any manuuel or by any means or translated into another language without the prior. Do not disassemble, puncture or breach. Do not expose to fire or incinerate.

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Important Battery Information Battery Operation The terminal displays the Battery Power status as a number of bars much like those on a mobile phone display. Page 4 The EFT is fitted with a lithium battery which can only be accessed and serviced by a qualified technician. The EFT is fitted with battery specially designed for this terminal. To ensure that the product is collected and recycled with respect to the environment, you must contact your supplier contact the Ingenico local office or the commercial head office in charge of your country on www.

The terminal will display this screen, press ENTER and a number of additional screens will be displayed while the handset assigns to the base. Page 8: Using The Terminal Finally, the terminal will dial the Host computer to report the successful installation. Your terminal is now ready for use. Check the date and time on your terminal, if this needs to be corrected refer to Section 31 of this guide for details on how to do this Using the Terminal Switching the Terminal On and Off The fewer bars indicated represents poorer network strength.

Your terminal may not be able to communicate with the acquirer if the signal is very poor. The network name shown next to the signal icon, indicates which network the terminal is communicating by. Page 10 All instructions to be carried out by the customer are Amount Page Starting A Transaction Swiping a Card The card should be swiped with the black magnetic stripe facing the terminal and running along the bottom of the card.

Make sure that the bottom of the card runs firmly along the bottom of the card swipe and that the card is swiped at even speed. Page Sale Transactions Checking Card Please Wait You may be prompted to confirm the last four digits of Key in last 4 digits of Card the card number. Page Voice Referrals 4. If the customer requests a receipt press the key and Printing a customer receipt will be printed. Please Wait Page Refund Refund Sale 2. Use the arrow keys to highlight refund and press the Purch.

Page Purchase With Cashback Purchase with Cashback This menu option only needs to be used to provide Cashback when normal Sale transactions are performed with a gratuity. Selecting this option allows a transaction to be carried out with Cashback instead of with gratuity. Please note: Only certain types of debit cards allow Purchase with Cashback.

Please refer to Section 10 of this guide for how to complete a Sale transaction. Add Gratuity as a Percentage If the terminal is configured for gratuity this can be added as a percentage of the total or as an actual value. Page 19 4. Pass the terminal to the customer to confirm the amount.

Cardholder to Confirm Amount Page Refund With Gratuity Refund with Gratuity 1. Page 21 1. Page 23 6. The terminal will now dial for authorisation. Key in Amount: The authorisation code will be displayed.

Page Clearing Mistakes 2. The transaction will be cancelled and a void receipt will be printed. Page Waiter Totals 2. Z-Totals X-Totals 3. You will then be asked to swipe the Supervisor Card or enter your Supervisor code.

Page Entering Function Codes 1. Print Function Codes Select Function 2. Page 29 Once the function code has been entered, follow the prompts displayed by the terminal. You may be prompted to swipe your Supervisor Card or key in Supervisor code. Page 30 7. Sleep Parameters? Page 33 4. Radio Setup? How to Test the Signal Quality You should make every effort to retain a high signal strength when using the terminal; signal strength is indicated by this symbol on your terminal display: To test the signal strength please proceed as instructed below.

This will allow you to determine if you have any bad reception areas. How to Change a Paper Roll 1. Hold the terminal securely in one hand. With the other hand, and by using two fingers, lift the printer cover release as shown. Fully open the printer cover and remove the old roll of paper. Page Helpful Hints Should you suspect that the terminal might have been removed, stolen or apparently modified or replaced then you should advise your Bank immediately and stop using the terminal until advised by the Bank accordingly.

This is to protect both your business and also the persons who have or will continue to use your terminal. Page Miscellaneous Prompts Unable to Connect Terminal not connecting to host Check the telephone line is via a telephone line connected properly.

Call the Helpdesk for guidance. This manual is also suitable for:.


Ingenico EFT930G User Manual






Ingenico EFT930 User Manual



Sagem EFT930S Installation Manual


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