On the other end of that shaft is it a other gear that is connected to a gear box by a gear belt. I am struggling with the E64 problem in our Kinetix system as well; I have worked with this type of system from late Our problem started approximate one year ago, the systems we are creating are very much the same all the time. I have used the same motor parameters from day one and never needed to make any tuning what so ever. The system I am working with right now is hopeless; I have changed 4 motors and new cables. Two motors was looking good at start but after app 30 minutes run did they shake like crazy never happen before but they did not fault, the other two are steady but they give me E

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February 6th, , PM Gents, I keep getting this error and I was wandering if it could be related to mechanical binding.. If there is a problem with the mechanical system, could I get this error instead of a current fault etc.. Error is E Pulling rails down a roller bed through a punch press.. We ran a few sets of rails today but we keep getting this error.. I think it is something restricting the cart from pulling to a position Any thoughts Kinetix drives have no Torque overload fault although you can set a torque limit.

The drive will drive up to the torque limit and hold there if there is no position command to trip the position error actual vs.

If there is not enough position error to trip the fault, the drive will continue to pull torque at the limit until some other fault occurs. Hope that helps. It seems that 2 to 3 months after we have line upgrades to this type of system that we start getting E19 errors. Each time we have had to change the servo motors out. If the system was modified recently, has anyone tried a re-tune of the servo loop?

Typically if your position error accumulates over time, it may be more indicative of tuning than a bind, unless your bind was along the entire length of rotation or stroke.

If you are seeing sudden spikes in the error it may correspond to a bind in a particular spot. Start slow and gradually increase the speed, all while trending. See at which point your error pops up, and if it corresponds to any particular point in the motion.

The axis works good a few weeks and then starts giving E19 problems. The last time a guy from AB showed up and tune it himself. It lasted about 6 weeks.


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