What the library does is that it gives us a brief rundown of the legends that make up the mythology of the Ancient Greeks as it existed at the time of Apollodorus. In fact, it is the earliest complete outline of Greek mythology that we possess though it is not necessarily complete because sections of the manuscript were lost, however a fortuitous discovery in the Vatican library allowed us to reconstruct most of it. Ovid is also wrote the Metamorphoses as an epic poem which excludes the genealogies as opposed to an outline, which is how Apollodorus wrote the library. The library is full of genealogies, which outlines the parentage of many of the Greek heroes and demigods, and it also divides them into a number of tribes, being the Deucalionids from which comes Jason and the Argonauts , the Argives from which comes Heracles , the Anegorid, the Inachids, the Asopids, and the Pelopids.

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Muhn These blue mountains are in MagnesiaPhthiotisand Locris. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. So Hercules came to his help and slew Coronus and others, and handed the whole country over to Aegimius free. Ulrichs, Reisen und Forschungen in Griechenlandii. It is said that Cycnus used to cut off the heads of passing strangers, intending with these gory trophies to build a temple to his father Ares. Show by default Hide by default. Constantine, the foundations of a temple and fair-sized precinct, with a circular base of three steps at the east end, have been observed in recent years.

Full search options are on the right side and top of the page. Apollodorus apparently placed it in Euboea. Other books in this series. Mitografos Griegos Autores Varios. View a map of the most frequently mentioned places in this document. When no one would do so, Poeas, passing by to look for his flocks, set a light to it. Historia de Los Animales — Aristoteles Aristotle. Dispatched from the UK in 3 business days When will my order arrive? Richard Wagner eldonis, enla unan libron kun epitomoj kaj la malkontinuan konitan tekston, en la kolekto de antikvaj tekstoj, Biblioteko Teubnera Lat.

La malfinitaj fontoj de la Biblioteko ne plu estas ekde la fino de la a jarcento. The story seems to be a doublet of the one told about Herakles at Lindus in Rhodes. Li ne komentis, ne kritikis liajn rakontojn [17]. Las Constituciones Griegas Aristotle. La epigramo sugestas Homero. Tiuj epitomoj estas resumoj el perdita parto la fino de la tria libro kaj eble unu kvar libro kaj kiu estis aldonitaj malfrue.

La fonto de la enhavo de la Biblioteko estas pensata de Apolodoro, sed tiam kiu estas la kompilisto kaj kiam li faris la Biblioteko? An XML version of this text is available for download, with the additional restriction that you offer Perseus any modifications apolodoeo make. La epitomoj Sabbaitaca Lat. That it was thought to be kindled by exposure to the heat of the sun appears from the narrative apolovoro Hyginus, Fab.

From these accounts we gather that biblioetca Dryopians were a wild robber tribe, whose original home was in the fastnesses of Mount Parnassus. Tiel ekzemple la angla kolekto Loeb angle Loeb Classical Library en [13]. At their foot the whole valley of the Spercheus lies open to view. Apollodorus, Library, book 2, chapter 7, section 7 This we learn from the Scholiasts on Pind. Bursian, Geographie mifolgica Griechenlandii. Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more.

As to the names of the sons of Eurytus, see the Scholiast on Soph. Ormenium was a small town at the foot of Mount Pelion. Mitologia biblioteko — Vikipedio Oni rimarkas antikvanulojn neniam citas verkon kun titolo Biblioteko el Apolodoro la atenano.

As to the capture of Oechalia by Herakles, see Soph. But while the cape is low and flat, the greater part of the peninsula is occupied by steep, rugged, and barren mountains, overgrown generally with lentisk and other shrubs, and presenting in their bareness and aridity a strong contrast to the beautiful woods and rich vegetation which clothe much of northern Euboeaespecially in the valleys and glens.

See the critical note. Sort places alphabeticallyas they appear on the pageby frequency Click on a place biglioteca search for it in this document. La germana filologiisto Richard Wagner faris, al la fino de la a jarcento, mifolgica de 14 malfruaj haveblaj manuskriptoj [8]pli malpli similaj.

See Adonis, Attis, Osiris3rd ed. The inhabitants say that a great city once stood here, and the heaps of stones, many of them presenting the aspect of artificial mounds, may perhaps support, if they did not suggest, the tradition.

As to the conquest of the Dryopians by Herakles, see Hdt. TOP Related Articles.


Apolodoro Biblioteca Mitologica

Infelizmente, a Biblioteca chegou-nos incompleta. Coincidentemente, poucos anos depois, A. Abstract: The Bibliotheke is an ancient Greek compendium of myths and heroic legends, arranged in three books and it has been called "the most valuable mythographical work that has come down from ancient times", but his author is completely unknown to us. The text that we possess, however, cites a Roman author: Castor the Annalist, a contemporary of Cicero in the 1st century BC. The mistaken attribution was made by scholars from Photius onwards. Since for chronological reasons Apollodorus of Athens could not have written the book, the author of the Bibliotheke is conventionally called the "Pseudo-Apollodorus" by those wishing to be scrupulously correct. Traditional references simply instance "the Library and Epitome".


Apolodoro de Atenas


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