The contents responsibility lies completely with the contributing writer or the author of the article. Fairly recently okay over the last year and a half or so , I have taken up sketching again. What is your passion? As artists we Lighting, something I had always do spend a lot of time doing studies, struggled with in 3d projects, seemed exercises and explorations to hone much easier to accomplish in 2d meour craft. Yet it is our passions that diums.

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Support Top Magazines for 3D artists If you go in for 3D modeling surely you often face some difficult problems, when you need advice and tips from experienced graphic professionals. We believe that every 3D artist should also gain profound knowledge about the world of 3D through well edited and respectable magazines. Information and resources the professional magazines provide do help both the young and experienced 3D artists to replace their online learning to offline.

Printed stuff is often edited and researched by highly skilled editors and leading expert in the industry. Articles are jam packed with information and there are helpful making-ofs and tutorials that cover the latest and greatest 3D applications, from 3ds Max to Maya. There really interesting interviews on artists and their work, their inspiration and how they got to where they are today. Each issue is available in high-res and low-res formats, so you can really check out the details and the work that people have done.

A perfect companion to the magazine is their website, which offers a variety of training materials, and an inspirational gallery, where you can also subscribe to the magazine. Apart from that each issue showcases awesome 3D portfolios of 3D artists around the world. The magazine is jam-packed with inspirations and advice from top notch 3D graphic artists.

It also includes analysis of latest trends in the market, impartial product reviews, and exclusive behind-the-scenes articles on the making of key projects in this fast-paced industry. The magazine provides detailed step by step approach to 3D animations as well.

The magazine is available in print and digital download. View more on their website or click here to subscribe! The artistic and technical advice comes from the best in the industry like Disney, Pixar and Blur Studio. It is really worth looking through in your free time! It is a bi-monthly released free online magazine focusing mainly on 3D art. Focusing on the creative talent of many incredible 3D artists, it is a picture magazine aimed for those that are already interested in computer generated art, but also for the average person who is mildly interested in any form of art.

Enjoy awesome 3D art on their website. It is a monthly magazine the main aim of which is to promote CG-artists from around the world. BlenderArt There are also magazines that are dedicated to certain software. See more on their website. Have a nice render!


Blender For Dummies®, 2nd Edition by Jason van Gumster



Blender Art Magazine



BlenderArt Magazine #43: "From Concept to Character"



Top Magazines for 3D artists


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