Voodoogar Page 26 If this function is allowed from your extension, you can bypass an; activated Diversion, activated Follow-me or activated Absence information on a specific extension. Call the DISA function at your office. Dial the individual external line number and press. Tala Avsluta eialog spara: Enter text from picture: Press a pre-programmed key to suppress your complete Number Secrecy number to the public net. Outcall external Notification Special Dial Tone The lamp beside the key shows a steady light and the function remains activated until the key is pressed again.

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Samuzilkree In Headset Preset mode you can make headset calls by pressing digits directly direct dialling. Hvis der er afvigelser, skal du kontakte systemadministratoren. The phone rings with the chosen character. Callback If a called extension is busy or there is no answer: This function is automatically cancelled when the call is finished. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Cleaning The Telephone Do not use rough cloth, solvents or aggressive cleaning fluids.

Ericsson Dialog Office Quick Reference Manual Providing innovative solutions in more than countries, Ericsson is helping to create the most powerful communication companies in the world. No caso de problemas, por favor, entre em contato com o seu administrador de sistema. When you want to use the function, just press the key. Do not use rough cloth, solvents or aggressive cleaning fluids. Listen To Messages Dial the extension number. Enter new authorization code and press. Press and wait for answer.

External ringing signal — repeated after 4 s Automatic Callback signal Note: To disconnect calls or to clear the display in programming. If you want to replace the ring signal with personal melodies when eericsson phone rings, you can program one melody to signal dialot internal call, a second melody for an external call and a third melody to signal a Callback call.

Secure with screws and install stand. The maximum recording time is 4 minutes and 15 seconds. Place the graphic directly on the page, do not care about. Page not Pre-defined text necessarily the shortest distance.

Quick Reference Guide You can make one call from the blocked extension. Page 86 Press the programmable key again. Delayed Hot line When the handset of the delayed Hot ericsaon phone is lifted or when the Line key is pressed, a timer is started. The call starts in handsfree mode. This function is only available in newer versions of the exchange. Call Waiting Replace the handset to finish ericdson ongoing call. To verify and erase programmed number or function Press.

Ericssoj Communication However, you have to press the additional Line key after lifting the handset. Wall Mounting Handset Hook Turn the hook upside down and insert. To print the manual completely, please, download it.

Dial the digit s for external call access and the external number. Press a programmable key. TOP Related.


Ericsson DIALOG 4222 OFFICE Manuals

Page 56 When incoming calls get no answer: External calls might only be transferred with the Transfer key, if this state of connection is allowed by the System programming. Adjust the handset listening volume when the handset is off hook. Additional Directory Number Dial your present Password. To print the manual completely, please, download it. If you are logged into more than one hunt group and log out from one of them, the display will show the following text: A special dial tone reminds you that Call Forwarding is active. Dial the number of the group to be diverted and press. The key panel must be of type DBY 01, and it can only be used in newer versions of the exchange.


Reset Ericsson Dialog 4222

Mazuzahn Individual Mailbox System You will be in speech connection with the calling party. Program Fixed Diversion Address Make sure you use as few answering positions as possible for each profile. The number can consist of up to 24 digits. Dictaphone Function The maximum recording time is 4 minutes and 15 seconds. Dial and enter the extension number. Eialog many of them can be external callers depends on the programming of the system.

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