Thursday, November 17, Dagfinnr - Day finder He goes to the ancient stones on the wild hilltop under the cold starlight and sits in silent contemplation over his sword, to ready his mind and prepare to travel into the other lands where the dragon hoards its power. The sword is long; long enough to pass through the thick body of the immense wyrm. The blade is wrought in the ancient way when smiths would weave the magic of serpent and blood and river into their patterned steel blades. No one knows the significance or meaning of the writhing pattern or why the light glints in ripples along the many-layered edge, but he can feel the ancient power in it as it rests on his hand. Sharp enough to slice the callused skin, it rings with a soft high note when he runs his palm along the blade and lifts it into the air.

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Talabar Lovely brand new screen. Es wird privat verkauft und daher ohne Garantie. Selling as having a bit of a clear out and want some different bits of kit.

The S also has two multistage envelope generators, two LFOs, and a variety of modulation options. Please update your browser to use Reverb The unit has 32 voices of polyphony with akzi maximum of samples and programs. Das LCD-Display ist nicht beleuchtet. There are no cables or manual with this. Mit 10mb Speicher, Display ist noch gut lesbar, alles funktioniert absolut einwandfrei.

Not been used for a few years and not tested if working properly or not so hence selling as spares or repairs. Selling all my old gear to fund an overpriced education in London. Loads up without start up disk. The effects inwhile limited, are of high quality and include chorus, delays, flangers, and other time-based effects. Improvements over the previous Alai series include increased memory, increased polyphony, resonant filters, and an improved user interface.

I bought this one new and the memory was upgraded at the time aakai still ridiculously small by todays standards though! Postage s high because of the weight. The S has a four aksi consisting of a stereo pair and two auxiliary outs. A maximum of 16meg of memory can be fitted, although the unit can be modified to accept 32meg. Collection more than welcome. OK to pick-up if local. Turns on, screen is dull but not unreadable, some marks and scratches on the case here and there, scsi drive.

Darum auch der geringe Preis. It was found bubble wrapped in a sealed box and had been in storage for at least 3 years. Unit is in full working order when removed from my rack and has been stored for the past 5yrs. I have modified my S to accept 32meg of memory, twice the aki capacity of the S Floppy disk works fine and there are some extra sample disks not shown in the pics. This sale is to clear a storage debit. The S was a member of the third generation of Akai samplers.

Built to an excellent professional standard and with a quality sound. It is fully working, the back light is dim but easily readable. Ein Voltkabel ist d Lieferumfang dabei. Original box and manual.

The display contrast is quite faint — a common fault I think. Presto — a 32meg Akai S! After jumpering two traces on the circuit board Akao was ready to go. Display still really bright, not even turned up full in pics. Comes with original AKAI box. Also available for data entry is a numeric keypad, cursor keys, and a rotary encoder.

Hardly used and never been out of the house. Detaillierte Bilder siehe weiter unten. Related Posts



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