Retribution rolled on a ten foot swell setting away from the shore. The corvette was hove to, her gray sails billowing in opposite directions to hold her position on the sea as the sailing master kept an eye on a growing bank of cloud to the north. Watching from the decks in silence, some of the men were praying as a boat approached the cliff. Lit pale orange by the setting sun, the palisade was bisected by a blue shadowed crevasse that streaked seven hundred feet up its face. The Retribution was a captured French ship previously called the Atrios. For the past ten months, her crew had been relentlessly hunting H.

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Book cover design by Carlos Beltran 2nd. That Jurassic Park is now considered sufficiently retro that present-day audiences need their own refresh of the concept is one of those things designed to make a gloomy gus like me feel exceedingly old. Fragment enthusiastically delivers its share of awesome eaten-by-monsters moments. Its centerpiece, a chase scene in which three hapless humans on foot run for dear life pursued by roughly twenty million running, leaping, hopping, flying, and extremely hungry monsters, may well go down in eaten-by-monsters-story history.

Seriously, the eaten-by-monsters stuff in this book? Full of win! Fragment mops the floor with Jurassic Park in its best moments and puts it to shame completely when it comes to lending scientific plausibility to its premise. On a broader level — say, on its merits as a novel overall — Fragment falls short of the hype, as heavily hyped entertainment often does. For better and for worse.

It has the three-act structure of a screenplay. Loved acts one and two, but act three, not so much. As the novel rushes towards its big finish, Fahy just gives himself over body and soul to Hollywood blockbuster formula.

Even if Fahy has to whip out a deus ex machina to get us to A-OK. Which he does. I tend to hold even potboiler novels to a higher standard than I do any old dumb movie.

Ask anyone. The North Atlantic? So not a desirable zip code for an uncharted island, people. And with extremely limited resources to work with, this is the freakiest, most savage ecosystem imaginable. Everything eats everything on Henders. The way he details how and why such life evolved in isolation rings true, at least to a reasonably well-read evolutionary layman like myself.

Good stuff for gorehounds here. Where it all fizzles into Michael Bay-level tosh for me is in its final third. The story gets a twist, which is not bad as far as it goes. But when Geoffrey and Nell go from being scientists in a crisis to simply being The Guy and The Girl in an action thriller, mundanity sets in. Moreover, Fahy offers an arch-villain who is the definition of one dimensional. You know this arch-villain will do something archly villainous, our normally clever heroes will foolishly trust him so that he can get away with it in the first place, and it will require a frenzied bit of damage control in the last 20 pages to make right.

Fragment, so full of imaginative surprises and grotesque pleasures in its first half, offers fewer and fewer of them even as the pacing shifts into high gear for the climax. Rex scene, then a fragment of Fragment ought to do you just fine.


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Add to Cart About Fragment Aboard a long-range research vessel, in the vast reaches of the South Pacific, the cast and crew of the reality show Sealife believe they have found a ratings bonanza. For a director dying for drama, a distress call from Henders Island—a mere blip on any radar—might be just the ticket. Until the first scientist sets foot on Henders—and the ultimate test of survival begins. This is not a lost world frozen in time; this is Earth as it might have looked after evolving on a separate path for half a billion years—a fragment of a lost continent, with an ecosystem that could topple ours like a house of cards. About Fragment Aboard a long-range research vessel, in the vast reaches of the South Pacific, the cast and crew of the reality show Sealife believe they have found a ratings bonanza. The time is now.


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Learn how and when to remove this template message Fragment Random House , is a science-based thriller by bestselling author and screenwriter Warren Fahy. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. The specific problem is: Grammatical errors, spelling errors, the like Please help improve this article if you can. November Learn how and when to remove this template message In , Captain Ambrose Henders and his crew stop at a tiny island in search of fresh water in the South Pacific. After one man, Henry Frears, is sent to obtain water, Captain Henders is forced to retreat to prevent more loss of life when Frears is eaten by unknown creatures. He writes of the account in his journal. In the present day, an exploratory research vessel "The Trident" sails across the same stretch of the Pacific filming for a documentary series called Sea life.

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