The Orthodox Catechism was a adaptation of the Heidelberg Catechism which had been adopted at the Synod of Dort At the end of his catechism, Collins included both the Nicene and Athanasian Creed. This was in addition to the Apostles Creed which was already included in the Heidelberg Catechism. Hercules clearly seems to be attempting to align the Particular Baptist movement of which he is a part with the accepted orthodoxy of the past.

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What is the Second Commandment? What is the third Commandment? What is the fourth Commandment? What is the sixth Commandment? What is the ninth Commandment? Lesson 46 Q.

Are Christians tied to this very Form of Prayer? And forasmuch as the day we live in is very gloomy and dark, full of Error and Heresie, which spreads more and more through the indefatigable indeavours of the maintainers of it like an overflowing Leprosie, and eateth as doth a Canker.

It may not unfitly be compared to the Waters of the Sanctuary, where some may go up to the Ankles, others to the Knees, others to the Loins, and they are deep enough for others to swim in. Now albeit here may be many things which some of you may know already, yet unto such those things I hope will be acceptable as St. I have not undertaken to present you with new Notions or Principles, hoping an Athenian Spirit is in none of you, but do believe that an old Gospel to you that have tasted the sweetness of it will be more acceptable than a new, though published by an Angel from Heaven.

Now albeit there are some differences between many Godly Divines and us in Church Constitution, yet inasmuch as those things are not the Essence of Christianity, but that we do agree in the fundamental Doctrine thereof, there is sufficient ground to lay aside all bitterness and prejudice, and labour to maintain a spirit of Love each to other, knowing we shall never see all alike here. We find in the primitive times that the Baptism of Christ was not universally known, witness the ignorance of Apollos that eminent Disciple and Minister, which know only the Baptism of John.

And wherein we cannot concur, let us leave that to the coming of Christ Jesus, as they did their difficult cases in the Church of old until there did arise a Priest with Urim and Thummin, that might certainly inform them of the mind of God there-about. I have proposed three Creeds to your consideration, which ought throughly to be believed and embraced by all those that would be accounted Christians, viz. Here is also in the close of the Book a brief, but full Exposition of that Prayer Christ taught his Disciples.

Also the Decalogue, or ten Commandments unfolded. Now forasmuch as I have taken a great deal of pains in gathering these broken fragments together for your utility and profit, I hope you will take a little pains to reade it, and more to live it; and I pray do it seriously and observingly. And as you love your own Souls, love your Childrens, and declare it in praying for them, as Job did for his, and instructing them as Abraham did his, also winning them to good by a good Example.

And that this Book may be of advantage to Youth as well as others, it is catechistically handled for their more easie learning the Principles of Christian Religion, that so they being seasoned with the true Articles of Christian Faith, may not so easily be tainted with the sentiments of Men of corrupt minds in time of Temptation.

And it is heartily desired that Parents, especially professing ones, were more concerned for the everlasting welfare of their Children, as David was for Solomon, when he charged him near his death to keep the Commandments and Judgments of God above all.

And if Parents would but conscientiously read those Divine Oracles which hold forth their Duty to their Children, it would doubtless be to them of great advantage. As for this that I have presented to publick view, I beg the Readers kind indulgence as to the faults escaped therein: And for those whom the Lord hath committed to my Charge, that the Eternal God may be your Refuge, and underneath you everlasting Arms; that Grace may be opened to your Hearts, and your hearts to Grace; that the blessing of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob may be upon you, and the eternal Spirit may be with you, shall be the Prayer of your unworthy Brother, but more unworthy Pastor, H.

That I am not my own,1 but belong -- body and soul,in life and in death—2 to my faithful Savior Jesus Christ.


An Orthodox Catechism by Hercules Collins

Read a review here. Product description This catechism, first published in , is a Particular i. The editors slightly revised the original for modern use. Renihan, and an Introduction by Michael Haykin and G. Stephen Weaver, Jr. Here are the chapter titles from the table of contents: Acknowledgements Foreword by James M.


Hercules Collins

Life[ edit ] Collins had little education, but was religious at an early age. He appears to have officiated to a congregation at Wapping , and at one period he was imprisoned in Newgate Prison. He died on 4 October , and his funeral sermon, by the Rev. John Piggott, was printed in the following year.

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